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9:24 am FRIDAY / 23 Feb '01 ::


smooth version :: Shining light around a nun on the 1/9 line. Does it look like the 'scratchiti' in the window behind her might read "Messiah"?

grainy version :: Which works better?

butterflies and kids at Museum of Natural History's Butterfly Exhibit

9:09 am THURSDAY / 22 Feb '01 ::
central park on sunday
in central park

beautiful new york

10:10 am WEDNESDAY / 21 Feb '01 ::
Last night i dreamt that i woke up from a state of unconsciousness with tattoos all over my back, and my right side. The right side of my right leg and my midriff's right side had one style of tattoo, brownish outlines. My back's tattoos were full colored, i remember a tiger image. It was troubling because in my dream i did not remember being tattooed. How could i have been so colorfully marked with needles and pain, without feeling it? I and was sent by Kris to meet with these lesbian tattoo specialists, who were both going to help me figure out the mystery of the tattoos and also going to fix them, to make them look better, because i was unhappy with them aesthetically. let's not analyze this too closely. let's just say it's clearly evident that i'm struggling with aesthetics, its time for a redesisgn, and i need to wake up from a deep sleep.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Thanks to daniel for hooking me up with this answer to a recent post containing a few questions:: You can learn the answer to the question What is Feverfew and then decide if you need it.

gun painting
SoHo, nyc

dan flavin sculptures
dan Flavin installation, SoHo, nyc

5:45 pm TUESDAY / 20 Feb '01 ::
4 movies in 4 days ::
    » Friday :: In The Mood For Love
    Stunningly beautiful, visually and texturally. A heavily sad, Eastern love story.
    » Saturday :: Hannibal
    » Sunday :: Pollack
    Go for the great acting. Learn about the guy who cracked American abstract painting wide open.
    » Monday :: Before Night Falls
    (Four stars) Why isn't this up for best picture? A heartbreaking work about a staggering genius. A beautifully told story. I would be recommending this Julian Schnabel film even if Johnny Depp weren't in it.

11:45 pm for real this was MONDAY / 19 Feb '01 ::
...yes, but am i healthy enough? am i breathing enough? am i taken seriously by myself and by my friends and coworkers? and am i thin enough to believe it doesn't matter? and do i maintain eye contact, but not too intensely? am i unstable for laughing all alone? am i forgetting the right amount of the past to make room for the present and what about the future? do i wear the right size and shape of shoes appropriate to the day's weather? maintain sincerity without vulnerability? present a facade of composure yet devilishness? consume enough seaweed? eat enough chocolate? am i lying to you? am i in tune with the moment? am i unique, yet stylish? am i showing too much? not humorous enough? fearful of commitment. why do i fake smile like this? and sometimes look away nervously? have i lost sight of things? is it me or the neighbors that are really rude? am i too nice to be sincere? should i be more sincere and less nice? am i faking it? betraying my discomfort? spending my time wisely? spending my money foolishly? consuming too much caffeine? enough calcium? and what's feverfew? do i need feverfew? black kohosh? shark's cartilage? cat's claw? ginko? chromium? red meat? are these apples really organic? am i laughing genuinely at least 60% of the time? am i wrong for acting like i don't care as much as i do? do people consider me a valuable way to spend the afternoon? do i sing or hum off key? do i act like i know too much when i know i am right? am i smart or knowledgeable or intelligent or merely relearning continuously? do i take compliments that aren't intended as such? am i insensitive? did that dream about death mean anything? do i care what taxi drivers think of me? what is the right kind of mother to be? do i notice the details? do i yeild with compassion or from insecurity? should art come from great ease or consistent struggle? did i sunbathe too much as a 16 year old? am i maintaining good credit? do i overtip? seize the day? misrepresent my intentions? possess honest motives? brush too hard? do i ask too much?

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spycam picture du jour



at 9:25 AM,


closing doors
watch the closing doors...

+ this kid's from brooklyn
+ a cute org = red
+ djPriest = globalhobo
+ we are fresh
+ alt.sense
+ gmunk
+ mat...mark...Luke Holder
+ mad orange fools
+ stereobate
+ pronounced YevGenny
+ aren't we clever? yes.
+ bfg = ???
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