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9:18 am FRIDAY / 2 Mar '01 + + Tomorrow marks my 4 yr moving-to-nyc anniversary ::
I got my borough back. My borough's got me back! Brooklyn, oh Brooklyn. Land of car services, and restaurants that play old time mexican mariachi music and organic coffee shops, and people with lots of paint on their shoes, and bars with stools and ... well, all the same things as manhattan, actually. Only different. More brooklynesque. So i took a car service into the city this morning, carting my luggage and snowboard ("the flying muchacha") for my weekend boarding trip. What's better than your driver, Ismael, letting you move into the front seat while you're stalled in traffic on the Wmsbrg bridge, so that you can get better spycam pictures from up there? Nothing, except snowboarding. Snowboarding is better than that.
So, kitty, no updates this weekend. Back wednesday with some fat snow pictures, i hope. Until then, i leave you with this:
ismael and me

rainy window

rainy window

rainy window

rainy window

rainy window

me in car reflection


five brothers fat

The Enterprise of Five Brothers' Fat, Chinatown

And i also give you this:
snowboard gal

9:18 am THURSDAY / 1 Mar '01 ::
Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. Something will come to me. I got a nice email from what does not change. he's doing his thing in DC + +

They drank margeritas with extra salt. he had obsessions. he gave some advice... he also got me Willie Nelson tix: a testament to how good cousins can be. Go listen to a good song and help make cousin-Luke the mp3 supastar he was born to be.

flattery gets you everywhere. i now love you: not like that.

That, and i neeeed new music. I've got nothing for you. I've got nothing for you. I've got nothing to gain, from you. I've got nothing to lose.

woman walking
woman on 2nd avenue

man at stand
man at stand considers the street vendor options

buildings and boards

2:18 pm WEDNESDAY / 28 Feb '01 ::

"and its all about the moderate climates. we gotta be hot and be cold for sure..."
[modest mouse]

"i cant get no, ... no no no."

Photography As Research Method (ala Walker Evans).

happiness is being the first name that comes up when you search for yourself in google.


neils coffee shop
that's right. neil's coffee shop. which reminds me of my friend neil and how i haven't called him back in a really long time for no good resason except that i'm distracted and flaky and i'm moving back to brooklyn soon and i'm maybe going snowboarding soon and i'm working and i have french lessons and ...

chinatown 3 men
men in chinatown

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spycam picture du jour

yesterday on the 5 train:
lipstick application on the train

lipstick application on train

click littler images to see bigger images:
spy du jour
6 train riders

spy du jour
6 train grainy

6 train crowds
6 train morning crowds

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