Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two Days in a Pool, One Day Swimming


Sonic Youth + Yeah Yeah Yeahs at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn.

During the show, on the first night, we were standing in front of the sound stage, not quite in the jumping crowd or the bouncing crowd, but still in the head-bobbing crowd, and then I smelled this smell, like bug spray. Or more like bug lotion. And standing there in the empty pool --emtpy of water, full of people and kids-- I remembered a dream I had when I was a kid. One of the few kid dreams I can remember (also the BOOST/BUST pun dream which I'll get to some other day). In this dream from my childhood, I was in a pool without water, too. My entire family was summoned to walk several blocks to the neighborhood pool, Holiday Pool, where we often swam. But when we got there, the pool had been filled in with concrete, no water. And families all had to line up on the periphery, standing in family-groups, and official people would come around and spray from a device like an old fashioned bug sprayer in to our face, to extinguish us. The population had become too big, a problem, and people had to be put down. We were being exterminated like bugs. So when they got to our family, the officials asked my mom what kind of spray she preferred they use on me, their youngest daughter, who would be put down first. "Oh the Roach, Definitely the Roach" my mom said. This meant the painless one. There were options for how uncomfortable you'd like your extermination to be. The Roach was the spray most appropriate for young children. So the roach was sprayed in my face and I woke up. So I was thinking of this while I was again in a waterless pool surrounded by people and concrete, and smelling bug spray. But the show really really rocked. Watch my video of Kim dancing:

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