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sunday july 1 2007

waning gibbous

lightbulb, full moon
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Video: Toxic Brooklyn: The Story of Williamsburg and Greenpoint (a 7-part series!) 7-parts sounds daunting, but they're short clips. The jist? How'd you like to pay $3 million for an apartment on top of the one of the biggest oil spills in world history (bigger than Exxon-Valdez), which began spewing in 1950 but wasn't discovered until 1979. So, over a span of 50 or 60 years, 17-30 million gallons of oil were spilled beneath what is now our beloved Williamsburg/Greenpoint. Scary number: 10% of New Town Creek is oil. But the video isn't just about WB/GP's oil spill toxicity. The plastic bag factories make a cameo, as does Radiac.