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November 4 2007

Me + Joe = Sufjan & BQE @ BAM

A mellowdrama in several parts at the end of which we swelled with civic pride as hula hoopers embodied the energy of the BQE.

Friday 9:10 AM - Text message from Marc, work friend, with whom I was almost in a cult for 4 days:
Run, don't walk to CraigsList for tickets to Sufjan Stevens' BQE concert. I laughed, I cried... (paraphrasing)
9:20 AM - Browse to CraigsList's For Sale section NYC BKLYN:
For Sale 2 Sufjan Stevens tickets at BAM for BQE performance: Face value. Yes they are good seats, Row D.
9:22 AM - Email to citylightsentertainment@....
Hello, "OK I'll DO IT!"* I'll take your tickets, please yes.
9:27 AM - Email from citylightsentertainment@...
OK Pick them up at my restaurant in Redhook, Hope and Anchor.
9:29 AM - Email to citylightsentertainment@...
Hello yes "Definitely!*" I'll be there Saturday. P.S. I had the best pancakes of my life at Hope and Anchor restaurant. It was the day after the blackout remember the blackout. After we had slept on the roof (with our comforter and blankets even though it was hot) we got up in the morning and still no power. So we got on the bus the next day (for free plus A.C.), and came there. My sister Jenni was 8 months pregnant and you had electricty so you sold us pancakes and they were the best I've ever had. We've ever had. Any of us had ever had. We always say that now "Remember those pancakes they were the best we ever had." (We don't ever want to go back there because we don't want to have second-best pancakes ever.)
9:29 AM Friday
Email from citylightsentertainment@...
OK. Your tickets will be at the bar with the bartender.
Next Morning: Saturday 12:22 PM - Phone Rings while walking down the sidewalk.
Joe: Laura, its Joe. With the Sufjan tickets (he pronouned it Sufyan).

Me: Yeah, Joe.

Joe: Laura, I never heard back from you so I sold your tickets to someone else.

Me: What?

Joe: I never heard back from you so I sold your tickets to someone else.

Me: What? I told you "Definitely" I said I was coming by definitely. I said "Definitely."

Joe: Laura, you didn't answer my call this morning or my email this morning so I gave the tickets to someone else.

Me: (Censored) But how could you have done that? (Censored.)

Joe: Laura tell you what. I got two tickets to Pygmalian tonight with Claire Danes on Broadway. Front row. It would make me feel a lot better if you'd take them. Free. Claire Danes.

Me: But I don't want to see Claire Danes. I want to see Sufjan. It's the last night of a three-nights-only performance. How am I gonna find tickets now Joe? (Edited for more niceness than existed). I'll get back to you.

1:00 PM - Follow up via Email to citylightsentertainment@...
Joe, I don't want your Pygmalian tickets. I don't want your pancakes either. Good luck with your whole thing.*
1:02 PM - Email reply from citylightsentertainment@...
Good luck with your sucky photography!*
1:03 PM - Email response to citylightsentertainment@...
1:30 PM - Sitting in Teddy's eating brunch with Chris and Rachel (poached eggs), Phone Rings:
Joe: Laura, it's me Joe. I got your Sufjan tickets back for you.

Me: Joe? That's amazing. I don't know if you're fucking with me, but if you're not, I still want them.

Joe: Aren't you glad we can fight like New Yorkers and then turn around and make up like New Yorkers?

Me: Yeah Joe I am. Sorry I said that about your panckakes.

Joe: Well sorry I said your photography sucked. Hey I don't want any bad kharma in my business.

Me: Me too. I'm gonna come by and pick up my tickets now.

Then we drove appreciatively, appropriately on the BQE to Hope and Anchor restaurant in Redhook Brooklyn and picked up our tickets. That night at the show, Sufjan pronounced his own name both as Sufjan and Sufyan which we liked. The next day I emailed Joe and said:
Joe Thanks For The Tickets. You Know You Have Good Seats When David Byrne and Cindy Sherman Are Four Rows Behind You.

*Direct quote