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February 21, 2008

Form-factor Adaptibility

If it weren't for my newspaper exchange with Khoi on Tuesday night, I wouldn't have had the hardcopy of the NYT in my bag to pull out and read during my Wednesday morning commute. Tuesday's Times includes the Science Times section, which featured this week a section-front story about my favorite..... cephalopods.

Reading about the lastest research on cuddlefish and octopii's not-yet-fully-understood brilliant camoflage techniques in the paper directed me back to the NYTimes online version of the feature where I could dive deeper into the story's accompanying essential video.

In this case, the printed paper lead me to the web to further experience the content in a more appropriate media-type (video). In reverse, there are times that the web format leads me to the paper, as is the case with the Sunday Magazine, where the form-factor of the printed glossy is the only way for me to consume every single feature, front-to-back, for a sense of completion that occupies me for the entire week. ...Until the follwing Sunday.
Not un-related: A new book about the underwater photography and films of Jean Painleve titled Science is Fiction is out. It's a book, which I'll be interested to explore. But his films themselves seem like the only way to really experience his artistic scientific research. They're simply transcending — probably where my octopii fascination all started — so if you ever have the chance to see them projected, run don't walk. Especially if accompanied live by Yo La Tengo's original score, The Sounds of Science.