my pedicurethe night started out weirdjenni, birthday friendmeat cutsfried oysters goddamn they're goodlike on my birthday i'm like all way into like eye makeuparugulabootlegged cds make fine giftsthis is my thing which i will use how i want37/26/37??painting by this woman whose name i forgetsardinesfishflesh?man we got kind of drunk and kept taking fish picturessardines are good for youi'm a holderwe know pinotkeep the toilet seat down for maximum feng shuiyes. Looped.prettywalker evans postcardmore cardsself mirror shot in bathroom at craftnot decaftired or drunk?oh jesusreally, really like tired drunk buzzed from just a few glasses of wine1st of way too many pics of mei was blowing candle out3rd of way too many pics of meand...sister paid the check!cards are heartwarming and funnytarts