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9:97am / 22 nov. 2000 ::JENNI'S BIRTHDAY
The "feels-like" temperature outside is 14º. Port authority expects a gridlock at the airport unlike anything they have ever seen before. ever. Get there early, wait for approximately 3 hours. Holder-sister plans are to fly to Virginia (is for lovers) tonight at 6:30pm where we'll spend the holiday's at uncle jack and aunt sandra's. Happy birthday today, Jenni.

sculpture: daisy youngblood
sculpture by daisy youngblood, go see it at McKee Gallery, on 5th avenue.

copyright damien hirst
Fish and medical supplies copyright damien hirst courtesy of Gagosian Gallery, in Chelsea. They have a nice Flash site.

12:57pm / 21 nov. 2000 ::TUESDAY
I have stayed home sick today. i have some flu like thing. Achy. I decided to rearrange the columns of content on this page. It's my mom's birthday today. I think its time for some soup.
horse on greenpoint ave, brooklyn
50 cents a ride: greenpoint avenue, brooklyn.

12:09pm / 18 nov. 2000 ::SATURDAY
Slept till 11:30 when kris called. Going to some galleries today. McKee, Houk, er, and some others. Davis, Diebenkorn, Damien Hirst, Sze.
jenni at houk
sister-director-birthday girl Jenni sends out some email at Houk Gallery.

12:15am / 16 nov. 2000 :: WED early morning
Tuesday night after Viktor's birthday shindig, i snapped this colorful couple on the F train. What you can't see is that she was wearing some of that orange plastic mesh you sometimes see on construction sites.

11:00am / 17 nov. 2000 :: WEDNESDAY
Got a few good subway riders this morning on the C train to work between Ft.Greene and Tribeca.

C-train, Ft. Greene crowd.

break dance

11:30pm / 15 nov. 2000 ::TUESDAY NIGHT
Boo. the only spycam pic to turn out from ONE CPW, where the lighting is dim, and the desserts are divine. Thanks for the champagne, viktor.

12:45pm / 11 nov. 2000 :: SATURDAY
de·moc·ra·cy (d-mkr-s) n.
1. Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.
2. A political or social unit that has such a government.
3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.
4. Majority rule.
5. The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.
i took dozens of spycam pics on my way into work today. yes, work. i listened to some early madonna here at the office while mikec and i flashed it up. since he left it's been a steady stream of pj harvey and modest mouse. with some overtones of bob wills from crooooney in the office next door.

spycam picture du jour
november 22 2000
dead or sleeping?
F train station, Rockefella center. Surely he's just asleep.

november 18 2000
woman in fur drinking coffee waiting for shop to open, chinatown, nyc

october 29 2000
neon sign : upper east side, nyc

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