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3:47pm / 28 nov. 2000 ::TUESDAY
+ Anabu-kin-chan +: still worth a visit at least once daily. Going to yoga tonight, after a 2 month hiatus. Downward dog is going to bring-me-down. On happier notes: my highschool-best-friend Dusti just sent me a picture of her 7-month-old daughter who is soooooooooooo cute, and has the biggest blue eyes i have seen since Charolotte, the siamese cat we used to have growing up. Dusti and Charlotte had a special bond: she liked to lick her ears in the middle of the night whenever we had a sleepover: uh, Charlotte did the licking.
rafferty vivian
Rafferty Vivian, circa 7 months old

9:37pm / 27 nov. 2000 ::MONDAY
Yo La Tengo opened last night's show with the Simpson's theme song, rock style. James wore a ralphie t shirt. It was sunday night, afterall, and we had all sacrificed seeing the new episode to be here at bowery ballroom for the last of 3 consecutive shows. Joe, t-shirt sales guy slash keyboardist slash road manager of sorts, asked the Holder sisters to manage the t-shirt stand while he helped yo la tengo set up. We sold sooooooo many t-shirts that i think the band seriously considered begging us to join them on the road. Well, we'd love to, but we have our jobs to attend to here in town. We'll see, maybe next year, Ira.
We ended up at shark bar after the show with Joe. All of us wanted to know: how did they get the Gregory Crewdson photograph for their 2000 cd release "And then nothing turned itself inside out". Joe said they might have known someone who knew him. Something like that. I don't really remember. 4 am is really too late for someone of my age to be staying out until on Sunday, when someone my age has to work on Monday.
Speaking of age... No, let's not speak of age. nevermind. maybe later.
The show was divine. They played Speeding Motorcycle. They pretened to genuinely appreciate and find interesting the suggestions of songs crowd members would occasionally yell out. They never played these suggested songs. I got the hiccups during the last encore, just during the hushed Georgia-singing ballads. It was smoky. So smoky that I got home and peeled off my clothes, which now, nearly 24 hours later, still reek in a pile on the bedroom floor. My bra smelled like smoke. My bra, as i wore it, was clothed under 3 layers of shirt and no less than two zipped-up coats, yet it reeks hard of smoke. I wasn't the one smoking.

This is Dan. Dan didn't get to go to yo la tengo show. Dan has a show called "First Photographs" coming up soon. very soon. at a gallery for which i will post info here later. The opening is definitely Nov. 30th.

2:18pm / 26 nov. 2000 ::SUNDAY
Back in new york city, la la la. "Night Falls on Hoboken" was the opening song that Yo La Tengo played at Bowery Ballroom last night. We got into the show free thanks to Jenni's friend who books bands at the venue. Love you, Matt Hickey. So the show was sublime, as is always the case when Yo La Tengo is playing Sans Jad Fair. Georgia is my hero for her execution of singing airy, whispery melancholy balads while consistently charging on the drums, wearing a white oxford shirt. The crowd was consistently thirtysomething glasses-wearing, nerdy aesthetic. The band is the genuine anti-rockstar rock group, --woah i have deja vu right now, really really bad. have i been here before? Really. -- in a true sense. They wore collared shirts. They closed with "You Sexy Thing" and a few encores. After the show, jenni, while painfully debating over the tanktop or the childs'-lg short-sleeved model at the paraphernalia stand, befriended Joe, stage-hand slash tshirt peddler. Joe was kind enough to put us on the guest list for tonight's Yo La show. So that's where you'll find us this evening after dining at Diner. Bravo Yo La Tengo, Bravo, Jenni. Bravo, Joe.

5:45pm / 25 nov. 2000 ::SATURDAY
First of all, it turns out i spent thanksgiving holiday in West Virginia, not Regular Virginia. at uncle jack and aunt sandra's. The meal was perfect with juicy turkey, stuffing, and who knew there was a family tradition i had never been aware of before: Coke salad, which involves cherries, gelatin, cream cheese nuts and yes, Coca Cola. hmmm, it tastes even better than it sounds. i met my cousin leslie and james' 4 kids, who are six and four, six and four. They were precocious, clever little monkeys who, combined with all the wine we drank, made for some really good times, most of which were spent upsidedown.
No holiday in the DC area is complete without celebrity-polititian citing: On the way to jack and sandra's house from the airport thanksgiving eve, we saw a guy roll his truck on the highway, and so pulled over to help him. His truck was vertical, but other than wet pants and an unzipped fly, he was fine. But another passing motorist also pulled over to give assistance should it be needed. Who knew Oliver North would turn out to be such a good citizen. He's grown his hair out from the military flat top. He's kind of a little man, and he drives a dodge neon. No, i made part about the dodge up.

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spycam picture du jour
november 22 2000
dead or sleeping?
F train station, Rockefella center. Surely he's just asleep.

november 18 2000
woman in fur drinking coffee waiting for shop to open, chinatown, nyc

october 29 2000
neon sign : upper east side, nyc

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