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7:45pm / 4 dec 2000 ::MONDAY, MONDAY
I spent the weekend helping john pack. Well that was painful.
To enjoy the best of nyc before he goes, we are spending the last few days eating at our favorite restarants: breakfast and dinner on Saturday at Cafe Lafayette. dinner sunday at Diner, as is tradition. Sharon, Denne, Jenni, Matt --and someone named Robbie-- et al. were present, to share in Chimay and the best mussels and fries this side of the east river. er is that saying much? It should be. Tonight we dine at Next Door Nobu. Oh yes. we ate small lunches today ...we will wait as long as is necessary to take our seat and order that strange cod thing which tastes like love itself only saltier yet strangely blackened to sweetness. hope the spycam works in their zen lighting. also hope that i can make rent next month. Oh, and i bought new martha stewart sheets at kmart this weekend.

Guys, I guess i am just wondering, is this all true?
12:01am / 1 dec 2000 ::FRIDAY
I have been trying to give up coffee this week, not permanently, just for detox purposes and to aid in my ability to fall asleep during the same day that i awoke. Earlier this week i dreamt that i was a heroin addict, and i had just filled a syringe with my stuff, but then before i could shoot it i dropped the needle in the toilet. Now i knew that it was gross to go ahead and inject it, but i also knew i neeeeeeded it. So i lit a match under the needle to sterilize it, then i shot it into my bicep. Not into the typical inner-arm-big fat vein area. but into my bicep like a tetanus shot. ah well, i am now savoring a cup of coffee... so much for that experiment.
National AIDS awareness day. Up late at work. That's all. Enjoy this:

Amtrak train: somewhere in Connectitcut.

...think i'll take a picture...

coffee shop: williamsburg, brooklyn

9:01Am / 30 nov. 2000 ::THURSDAY
«art announcement» Tonight is Dan Estabrook's show titled "First Photographs" at Sarah Morthland Gallery: 225 10th avenue at 23rd street. Opening goes from 6-8pm.

Ramadan started last week and DJ Priest wants you to know about the best site on the web for Arabic music: Aramusic, where you can compose your own playlist of Arabic music. He's quite right, this site is super. He's the global music DJ, ask him which selections he recommends.

This morning i dreamt i was visiting with a 100 year old woman in back country Misissippi. i then rode her chocolate lab dog into town in the bareback style, as one would ride a horse. Once there i noticed i was barefoot and set out to buy some thong sandals for my feet but everything was closed. When did this site turn into a dream log? i will stop this now.

1:24pm / 29 nov. 2000 ::WEDNESDAY
Today i woke up to the alarm clock radio muffling out Brian Lehrer's On The Line, which means i definitely overslept. I dreamt of protecting a small african american girl on the subway from the KKK. I stabbed one of the bad guys in the back with my mini, pink Swiss Army knife. Well. Somewhat more violent than the previous night, when i dreamt i was yelling "CIVIL WAR" and "IT's ANOTHER MILOSEVIC" at GW Bush. So.

Time for a mutual admiriation moment: Thanks to Red who has beautiful photography and a steel chrome and numerical fascination, and to Brooklyn Kid for the props. As for my bra. I have no idea why that link doesn't work. Really. Upon click, it should produce a 3d rendering, in full-color, 360º rotation, of my bra. I'll have to look into that.

And now it is time for us all to enjoy this sequence of the Brooklyn Kid:

is the


BrooklynKid busts out

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spycam picture du jour
november 30 2000
click to enlarge
Couple passing the time on the C train to Brooklyn.

november 22 2000
dead or sleeping?
F train station, Rockefella center. Surely he's just asleep.

november 18 2000
woman in fur drinking coffee waiting for shop to open, chinatown, nyc

october 29 2000
neon sign : upper east side, nyc

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