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8:55 am: (it's true) TUESDAY / 19 Dec '00 ::
Just for today: maybe just for this afternoon: whiteness, as in Snow.

» 5 tips for getting out of bed before the sun rises:
  1. Don't fall asleep at all the night before.
  2. Fall asleep, but wake-up one to two hours before your alarm is set to go off. Do this by overhearing a neighbor's car with starter troubles being hotwired at 5am.
  3. When finally getting out of bed, head slowly towards the coffee maker. Only turn on the light of a room as you leave it, lighting your path behind you. This makes turning around and getting back into bed more difficult after you have started the coffee maker. It also eases shock to your eyes which have not been exopsed to the pre-dawn sky in 8 to 9 months.
  4. Anticipate getting to use your office floor's elevator key for the first time, since not only will your co-workers not yet be at work when you arrive, but neither will the employees of the 4 other companies which occupy the same office floor. Feel superior to them on this day.
  5. Two words: Bob Edwards
c train friday am
C train during the morning, which wasnt really this morning but many mornings ago, on a friday. Did i mention that last night i dreamt of a brighly blue shingled snake coiled up in a cage with an unsuspecting racoon, in my parents' hallway? I watched as the snake sunk it's venemous fangs into the racoon's fur and killed it. I commented that "That snake has a lot of attitude."

Speaking of attitude: the authorities are finally onto mikec.

7:57Pm / 18 Dec 2000 ::MONDAY
yo taking a break from work to mention some of this:
props to this girl's site: madorangefools which i just learned of today: she has time to update it frequently, post cool pix, and take spanish classes, too. plus she shares a bed with someone named Bull. So check it. It's cool.
The Blonde Redhead show at Bowery Ballroom was hot sexy smoky loud and sexy. They really have that whole sexy thing pretty well figured out. Kazu wore this amazing white dress that her friend Jane made, which bared her shoulders. After the show, a guy in the coat line told us they were from France. "They're French", he said. He was mistaken: They met in NYC at an Italian restaurant. Kazu is from Japan. The twin brothers from Italy. They all now reside in Canada, i hear, which explains the French thing [?].
Get their new album (album?) Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons.

Rent the movie "The Iron Monkey" for more high flying kung fu fun, and watch it all the way to the end.
Rent the arty french movie "Romance" for a kinky, unblinking view of neurosis in love and sex on film like you've never seen it before (unless you're into porn), made as only the french can.
OK, i promised my mom i would ease up on the porn mentions.

12:20Pm / 14 Dec 2000 ::THURSDAY
Overheard on W.Broadway, TriBeCa: I heard this woman walking and talking on her cellphone saying "...I went to fucking Catholic school for 12 years. I can fucking spot a fucking Nun a mile away, with or without her habit!"

Such a nice, wet, leafy, sunny morning. I took a walk to look at an apartment in the Boerum Hill area of Brooklyn: First floor. 1 BR. Currently undergoing renovation to restore original hardwood floors and plaster ceilings. Under a thousand dollars!
So i'm filling out my application along side two other would-be tennants. Woman works at I.D. magazine. Thirtyish. Nice enough. Guy is hot. Musician / AOL Moviefone employee. Hmmm. I wonder how i will stack up against these young savvy professional singles. I wonder if I'll ever see that $100 cash "credit check deposit" again. I wonder if that woman's manic chihuahua can be heard from the apartment i would be moving into if i'm the chosen one.

Went to Zutto for sushi last night with Neil, where we discussed not much more than GW, the annual Internet Pornography Convention he will be faithfully attending again this year in Vegas, and (coming soon.)

speaking of... this is filled with interesting factual data: afraid to ask


9:37Am / 13 Dec 2000 ::WEDNESDAY
Oh, those days without you. How i missed the feel of you in my hand, so sublte yet strong. How naked, alone, fruitless I felt without you on my subway rides. You made me complete, and in your absense I amounted to not much more than just another cranky commuter: merely a cog in the wheel. But you've returned to me, bandaged yet not broken! You, of streamlined body and unblinking eye. Merely hiding under my living room sofa pillow, and not gone forever- oh you playful thing. I'll never let you go again. Spycam, welcome back.
subway sleeper
12:51Pm / 11 Dec 2000 ::MONDAY
Jesus. Williamsburg, brooklyn
Although i acknowledge that it is time for an entry, that an entry is grossly overdue, even, i will see if i am ready to do more tomorrow. Until that time, let Jesus calm your rattled nerves. Let him ease your restlessness. Shhh. I is all going to be okay. Plus i forgot the spycam today (read: can't find it), which means the weekend's images are trapped in it at home. Four potential reasons to tune in tomorrow: 1. Junior's, 2. Eddieb, 3. Lee Krasner, or 4. a kitty.
I will mention that i saw "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" on opening night. Although the Flash Website is kind of cheeky, what a beautiful movie! Lush bamboo, hot kung fu and True-Love-True. Yow, Yeough!
subway sleeper

subway sleeper
2:07 AM, Saturday Morning, E Train out of service.

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sometimes its warm
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90% of creativity is lost through your head

feels like winter
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C train: going into city at 2pm
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