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10:21 am: MONDAY / 01-01-'01 ::
just 01 question: is it so wrong to put egg nog in your coffee?

10:53 am: SATURDAY / 30 Dec '00 ::

Maybe my last entry of 2k. This new years will not be Normal: still here in Bloomington, IL.
I have been assigned the long-overdue task of cleaning my shit out of my parents' basement. Wading through old photos and wonderful, ridiculous things i have chosen to save since gradeschool. I have boxes and boxes of saved written NOTES, passed amongst me and my friends through the halls of BHS, left in shared lockers, slipped in textbooks or folded small and tossed strategically from desk to desk so Mr.Paxton wouldnt see. Here is a sample excerpt from note found written by Dusti, circa 1987:
    "... Can i borrow your faded jeans (a.k.a Light-Blue-Fadies) tomorrow for the T.W.I.R.P. Dance? oh my god i love O.D. sooo much... WAGS, man, wags. B/F/F!!!!!!"

LB and JH sippin' it at Coffeehouse

self portrait with dad: Coffeehouse

Snowstorms are hittin' nyc heavy as I type this. Be sure to check MikeCand Red's sites later this evening, as i have full confidence that they will be posting some gem-like photos of the snow falling on brooklyn and manhattan.
My spycam is almost filled with images of my hometown. Won't be downloading them until i return to nyc, as i left my software and usb cord there, along with my cellphone. I seem to be doing fine with out it. Going to Lucca Grill for pizza tonight. best pizza in... well, you know. Everyone has a favorite pizza place.
Visited with friends Dusti, Prentice and baby Rafferty (cutest gal you have ever seen... but then i haven't had a chance to meet Dani yet. Sally... where are you?) And spent some quality Boyd-time at Coffehouse, Normal, IL

10:53 am: WEDNESDAY / 27 Dec '00 ::

2 files and a gregor...
Still in illinois for the holiday, and check it. I have successfully dowloaded a freeware ftp client on my mom's machine and here i sit, updating in WordPad. (yes, it is time you know: i do not have my blog set up yet.)
Not home more than 12 hours when I heard the first of a new rumor: I am married.
Apparently, Randy J. received this information while browsing the cooking section of The Garlic Press (required shopping while in Normal, IL) by Erica K., who told him the news! "Did you hear? laura holder got married".; Randy knew better of this news; knew that John and I had just recently broken up. sans marriage. However, I am curious to meet this new husband of mine. I hope it's someone good.
sister jenni and i: wondering if there is really ever going to be a need to get out of our silk lohn johns and leave this fireplace.

Cup of coffee. Pajamas. Zach licking my ankles*. Steam radiators fizzing, defogging the windows. Wintering doves are hanging out on the window sills, trying to keep warm in the sun. Temperature outside is 3. (what's that degree special-character?)
Our Christmas was filled with yummy abundance. And our tree runneth over. or under. or, the underneathness of our tree was over-runneth... with gifts. hmm.
We have had a crackling fire going in the fireplace every night. And wine. And pecan pie. And Port. And i made my first gingerbread cake. With caramel sauce. (Thanks mom). We have had many wonderful meals... at dick and sue's (see 2 Files above), and at the Fish Market Restaurant, and at the Coffeehouse (oatmeal, cup of dark.)
I got nifty digital-cam gadget in my stocking! its a Jamcam. Which is a snappy little number which might enhance my ability to take less-grainy, low-res pics. Breakthrough: it has a flash.
Well. I'm off now, as there's coffee to drink and music to listen to... some of this year's christmas-gift-musical-additions to the collective holder family cd library include: Ramblin' Jack Elliot. Thelonious Monk. Bob Dylan. Sea and Cake. Mojave3. Zap Mama. Oh, Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack. Some Celtic fiddler guy (Ian Mc...something!). Some opera. And the new double-cd release by the band Princess Zena (with a z) and The Old Men Boys which includes my mom on mandolin, and dad on many instruments, entitled We're Old But We're Slow. (Not yet released to the general public.)
*despite whatever my fantasies might be, Zach is a miniature poodle.

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