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10:26 am: THURSDAY / 11 Jan '01 ::
miss williamsburg diner
at Miss Williamsburg

Confession : tonight my dinner consisted of Festivus ice cream and a glass of red wine (broccoli was present for my previous 3 meals, though) Call me Stonewall-Bobbie Joe Stubbs... MikeC is Buddy Bob Joe Loomis. what's your name? (via wwwac list)

What do Crippled Dick, Do You Want to Saddle Me?, and Thievery Remix all have in common?... They're all among the dang-good songs playing on the current Global Hobo (click on "Listen Now")

Today, on this dream analysis site, i read that if you dream about braiding someone's hair, it means you are either about to relieve your sexual tension with them ––or get into an argument with them.

10:03 am: WEDNESDAY / 01.10.01 ::
Last night i dreamt you had long hair and i was braiding it for you into a single, thick rope which fell down the center of your back.

A Brief List of What's Not Hot For Year 2001:· Coffee that a restaurant tells you is decaf
  but is not decaf because they dont have
  decaf but they don't tell you that
· 6th Floor walk-ups
· Conditional love
· John Ashcroft
· Cold Winds
· Getting ripped off
· Regis Philbin
· SoHo
· Right-wing freaks who call into NPR
  and quote from Jay Leno
· Sleeves
Say congrats to Eleni and Freddie!

9:03 am: TUESDAY / 9 Jan '01 ::
A Brief List Of What's Hot For Year 2001:· Gingerbread
· Ice cream flavors containing chunks of
· Music by German women
· Post cards
· Restaurants under bridges
· Warm ankles
· Calamari
· 14 Foot ceilings
· Salads with walnuts & stilton
· Guy Ritchie movies
· Gourmet vinegar
· Nudity
· Babies
· Lists
· Jazz documentaries
· Dragging and dropping
· White space
· Black noise
· Frank Black
· France
Tomorrow: A Brief List of What's Not.

brooklyn sky

Are the cosmic forces with you this week? Get your astrological forecast

11:13 am: MONDAY / 8 Jan '01 ::
”An 800x600 picture of elegance”: A site I designed and built got some recognition. (i swear i'm not responsible for the alleged JS errors) I aim to update tonight. i swear. Meanwhile, may i suggest you go get yourselves a copy of the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack. For musical balance, these chicks rule: (can i say that? Rule? William Safire observes that the phrase hot,hot,hot is, well, hot. I like the term dope) These chicks are dope:Chicks on Speed.
likes Outkast.

Thanks for all of your input in response to the font and the apartment. Votes were unanimous in favor of taking the apartment. If i do indeed go that route, cash contributions and charitable trust donations can be made here.

While Luke waits for his record deal to pan out (Dan Lanois is just waiting for Willy's sched to clear up...) catch him while he's still playing for small, intimate crowds (we, the crowd, do sometimes get intimate) at affordable prices. Live by candlelight or starlight, flickers and pickers, Luke Holder plays:
  »CBGB's Gallery - WED. Jan 17th- 9:00 PM
  »ACME Underground - TUES. Jan 23rd- 8:00 PM

Is this font better? Easier to read avec Serifs? Please let me know.

And a second question: Should i consider paying $1500/mo. rent for a 1 BR apt in a nice neighborhood in Brooklyn? I'm getting to the point where i might just be desperate for a new apt by feb.1st. I know what you're thinking. That sounds outrageous. An insane amount to pay. But, truthfully, it's just about average for a 1 BR in NYC– if one wants to live where one feels safe at night and very near trains and very near the city– which I do. This is good: near amenities, swimming pool, friends. Landlord would be a friend of my parents, he lives upstate. Better strapped than homeless? And most importantly to remember: rent would come out cheaper at the end of the year than if I found a $1300 apt. with a broker's a 15% fee. So, what do you think?

3:23 pm: TUESDAY / 02 Jan '01 ::
at home in bklyn

What a homecoming. Back in NYC to the snow. Chunky, pillowy, billowy, dirty, mountainous snow.
En route home, i missed my connecting flight in Chicago so they stuck me in the last available seat on the next plane to LGA... in First Class. And while I admit to having, on one more than one occasion, professed my disgust with class-systems set up by the airlines, I found that on this particular flight, the roomy, leather seats, the fancier pillows, the shrimp cocktail, the poached salmon, the free merlot, well, I didn't mind so much. The seat next to me was even vacant, due to somenone not showing up.
Year of the One is going to be okay, i'm thinking. Landing at LGA, my bags were waiting for me when i arrived to the carousel. Threw them on a pushcart (all those presents are heavy) and strolled to the taxi stand. A car pulled right up (those black-eyed peas do bring good luck) and as the driver popped his trunk, he bounded out of the car and heaved my bags into the back, while greeting me:
    him: "Happy New Year...Going to Brooklyn?"

    me: "Yea. I am actually. How did you know that?"

    him: "All the beautiful people live in Brooklyn"

    me: "Exactly how much tip would you like tonight, sir?"

His name was Jaime. When we arrived to my house he carried my bags to my door for me, clearing a path in the knee-deep snow bank and instructing me: "you follow in my footsteps". As he left me there on my doorstep, Jaime professed he would think of me whenever he heard "that one love song"... he couldn't remember which love song... just that one. Who says flattery gets you nowhere? I heftily tipped Jaime, and i was home. Locked out of my house -- but home nonetheless.

Jaime: not nearly as scary as he looks
New Years Eve Day could hardly have been better. I Awoke sans-hangover, which is good luck considering the night before -New Years' Eve- after I returned home from a small party with old friends (our friendships are old. We are not old.) from gradeschool and highschool (and their spouses and kids) my parents, sister and i toasted in the new year together with 2 bottles of Champagne among the 4 of us. Got drunkish and did some dancing in the kitchen --mostly danceimitations: "jenni you dance like this" ; "So what, laura, you dance like this"...

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