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1:01 am: TUESDAY / 16 Jan '01 ::
Happy birthday Sue File. In your honor today i will check myself in for 2 hour massage and ginger rub! I hope you treat yourself, too.
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"In all the history of music, no one had ever sung like that before" -from JAZZ, Ken Burns' documentary on PBS, in reference to Louis Armstrong's live performance singing Dinah. Have you seen that? God that's great.
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I have at last posted chapters of Travel photos and Panoramics
11:33 pm: MONDAY / 15 Jan '01 ::
In the spirit of Martin Luthur King, Jr today, On The Line with Brian Lehrer features "A Different Voice: Articulating Another's Ethnicity" which airs call-in listeners reading excerpts from literature, poetry or essays that represent a perspective of an ethnic group different from their own.
denne at dinner at diner
Postview of last night: Denné at dinner at Diner
There's something weird going on. i have been out to dinner with ed q. bridges a couple of times in the past month or two. And each time, i happened to have my spy cam, and/or my jam cam, on hand. And of the several attempts i have made to snap a pic sneakily of my friend eqb, none, not one, of those pictures has come out. Zero, out of at least 7 attempts. What i'm wondering now, is simply do you have a soul, Ed?

agent99 at dinner at diner
Photo credit: eqb

2:58 pm: SUNDAY / 14 Jan '01 ::
Partially listening to This American Life partially staring out the window. The sun is trying to break through the overcastness. Meowy kitty in the windowsill wants inside.
Liquors doesn't sound like the name of a joint where you would get a great, great bowl of oatmeal, but you would. and could. and i did. both yesterday and today.

preview of tonight: denné at diner
After life drawing yesterday, i went to see Traffic again. This time with Jenni. It's as good the 2nd time around.
I guess there's no denying i was out with red, bklnkid, the brothers rooney, et al friday night, as they have the photos to prove it. They definitely attended that "unmentionable" joint —wherever that may be...— after I bid them good night. Check out that pic of me keeping mikeC in check.
The New Yorker's current issue (baby new year on the cover) has an engaging black & white portfolio of photography featuring NYC at night. Nonsubsribers, go pick that up now.

7:49 pm: FRIDAY / 12 Jan '01 ::
going to a party tonight
subway red
MikeC is trying to bribe his way onto my What's Hot for 2001 list. Still trying to figure out just what that might be worth ...

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spycam picture du jour
in the park
Central Park

subway car man
Vladimir Putin takes the L

that's a camera?
at airport security: "that's a camera?"

bklyn + nyc = wknd:
a table
coffee á table

met museum crowd
crowds at met museum

magnolia bakery
magnolia bakery enthusiasm

sg n suz
on the platform

a table
Knicks fan

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