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12:00 am: THURSDAY / 18 Jan '01 ::
I'm packing, right?
I'm moving soon, so of course i'm packing. All my stuff from the bookshelves. All my books. Cds. There's stuff to go through, and as I'm packing i flip through things. Old notebooks... and i was about to toss this old MarketWatch notebook out, tall, skinny, spiral-bound kind which a MarketWatch guy gave me when we all worked at
I'm flipping through it first, making sure it doesn't have some miraculous phone number in it which might save my life.
But what i find is written in John's handwriting. It might be a poem. I've never seen it before. Did he write it? It's uncharacteristically religious. Did he copy it down from somewhere (the bible) for reading at a funeral?
And i'm sort of moved, by how much i don't expect to find anything important (by how i have been packing old magazines that i'll never read again and how I'm debating: do i keep these old ATM receipts?) and then in the middle of it, in contrast, i find this strange, beautiful thing:
    Angel of God...May God be resurrected
    And his foes vanish as wax melts before fire
    And smoke is dispersed by the wind
    So may all those who hate this world
    flee from his sight, and the just rejoice.

Damn, that Ashcroft is frightening. although i'm told this link no longer works. damn.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Found at Yama: eqb's soul:

eqb at yama

sushi at yama

sushi chef
sushi at Yama last night, before going to CBGB's Gallery to hear one crooning Luke Holder

10:50 am: WEDNESDAY / 17 Jan '01 ::
+ Even if he didn't make the "what's hot for 2001" list, he's got some way nice photos: 100 things
+ is another Bklynite with some sublime photography
at liquors
Yeah, what red said: check out BFG on Ashcroft

at liquors

Live music tonight: the gospel according to Luke
  »CBGB's Gallery - WED. Jan 17th- 9:00 PM

oatmeal at liquors

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