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12:30 am: THURSDAY / 2 Feb '01 ::
Eeerie ego-fest: Last night at Nancy Whiskey, the spy cam, true to its cheap-gadget nature, rarely worked in the dark attic-like environ. Yet, the few pictures that did turn out, strangely, were all ...of... me. And me. Next time we hang out, mike c and red, it will have to be a sunny day in the park, so i can snap you up.
at nancy whiskey
self portrait

the two faces of laura
how many are there of me?

...Earlier that evening::

rene claude
C'est Rene-Claude. Il est mon professeur de Français. As [Red] said, Rene-Claude might actually be Blastmaster KRS-One

10:30 pm: WEDNESDAY / 31 Jan '01 ::
Hey. Had enough of the NYC area this week? Urging for something West coastal? Then check out this digi-photo-journal, San Fran style: by Kamau {human being}.

And then, you might like to take a tour of Florida as seen through the eyes of a kid, a Bkln Kid, that is. Yes there is near nudity. Flock one, and all.

As for this girl: French lessons tonight. Working today. Posting photos from last weekend and this morning presently:

furry women 1

furry women 2

furry women 3
...and back.

extra elegant corp


extra elegant corp
...and front.

construction snake

2:30 pm: TUESDAY / 30 Jan '01 ::
So, i guess this will be "that"::

You are up until 3 am most nights.
You're drinking. Just some Jameson's. Just a juice-sized glass of the whiskey with some water and an ice cube from the near empty freezer. Just enough to put you to sleep when you finally do succumb to the sheets which you're saving for nearly last to pack.

You're up late unscrewing screws, disassembling furniture. Drilling in reverse, deconstructing what was only construced a few months ago. You push in hard on the Phillips drill bit. The harder you push in, the easier they pull out. Aha!
How many screws were needed to keep all of this together? How many more were actually used?

You have removed about 45 screws so far. Your fingertips are tender and rubbing off and you have given up on saving screws for a later date. You begin throwing them halfway across the room into the slouching lawn-grade trash bag which is filling up on the naked wooden floor.

You are moving tomorrow. The Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down" plays.

You are moving from this street, which is especially quiet tonight, as it is nearly 3am. No car alarms, even. No people screeching, or hollering, which you occasionally do hear and it startles you, until you realize it's laughter, except for the one time when a woman was mugged across the street on the night before Thanksgiving.

The moon is a bright, silvery sliver with smoke around it. It's a slice that is more like a toenail. When you think of that, of the toenail sliver, you think that's kind of gross.

And you think you're smart. How clever you are, you even tell your friends, to have hired 3 moving men to come pack your boxes onto their truck on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. "They get paid by the hour" you explain. And who wouldn't be motivated to move quickly on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday? Quickly, yet gingerly, with your things. They don't want to miss Kick Off.
You picture them picturing themselves after the move, sitting on the floor at their buddies' house gathered in front of Ronny's big screen TV. They swig bottle necked beer.

And come tomorrow morning, right here in in your living room, they will break a sweat, even though it's winter. And you will be happy that their swiftness is saving you money, while you worry that they're not wearing those back-brace things. They will say they don't need them, they lift with thier legs.
Then you will realize, after some kidding aroud, that they don't know. They don't know about the Super Bowl today, or its Kick Off, or the commercials, or Arrowsmith, or Britney. Not only that, they do not know that their very local football team is playing in this Super Bowl. Nor do they care. They are just moving, quickly, because it's their job to move quickly, yet gingerly, with your stuff.

s. portland ave


So long Ft. Greene, so long South Portland Avenue, Cafe Lafayette, Yuba the cat, Meat Corp (where i bought my sunday paper), tree salesman guy, Video Basket, Big trees....

williamsburg bridge


yuppie go home
...Hello, Williamsburg

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spycam picture du jour
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C train reading

C train riding

bk msngr

Tribeca grand man
at the tribeca grand

red hair... green hat

+ this kid's from brooklyn
+ a cute org = red
+ djPriest = globalhobo
+ we are fresh
+ alt.sense
+ gmunk
+ mat...mark...Luke Holder
+ mad orange fools
+ stereobate
+ pronounced YevGenny
+ aren't we clever? yes.
+ bfg = ???
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