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too late : FRIDAY / 3 Feb '01 ::

If we took a holiday. Holiday. Took some time to celebrate. Just one day out of life. Just one day out of life. It would be... It would be so nice:  Come say au revoir et bon voyage to brandon, paul et sophie this Saturday night Feb.3rd at Nightengale Bar :: 213 2nd Ave. :: Corner of 2nd and 13th :: 9pm to whenever. Unless you don't know B, P or S, in which case you should go out with your own friends who might be leaving nyc for the bay area.

Hello. I'll be your Wily RGB Stylist today. Trade in your lame job title for a new one with the Job Title Generator.

Dosa sale today thru sat. Where? 24 w. 40th street, nyc. bring cash. be not too afraid. breathe deeply and dive in.

lastnight, j-kay and i went grocery shopping, made dinner. then watched survivor in shame.

eli's meat guy
j kay h at elis
Eli's on the U-E-S is fab

[overdue thanks go to BFG for the very kind props]
...earlier that evening:

mikec in canal subway
mikec snaps some subway tiles

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spycam picture du jour
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C train reading

C train riding

bk msngr

Tribeca grand man
at the tribeca grand

red hair... green hat

+ this kid's from brooklyn
+ a cute org = red
+ djPriest = globalhobo
+ we are fresh
+ alt.sense
+ gmunk
+ mat...mark...Luke Holder
+ mad orange fools
+ stereobate
+ pronounced YevGenny
+ aren't we clever? yes.
+ bfg = ???
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