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later this day, THURSDAY / 8 Feb '01 ::
update: BFG helped me out with the snow thing.

Something is messing with me. Someone or something is messing with me. example: I got to work yesterday and my Yahoo! email password No Longer Worked. Changed. Now Different than it was previously. Eeerie. Odd... a bit worrysome ... Who are you out there? Come forward and face me...

I was planning on going snowboarding this weekend, but the forecast is for rain, ie: ice in the mountains? I don't know how to interpret the East coast forecast for optimal ski conditions. Anyone out there know? If so, please share your opinion.

Visit the new fred's head dot org. His digital camera is stylee and so are his big delicious photographs.

C'est ci n'est pas des pipes.

norweigan wood
...We talked until two, and then she said's time for bed.

pookie and sebastian?
I felt obligated to report to the Brooklynites out there that boutiques on the upper east side are often named things like "pookie and sebastian"

WEDNESDAY / 7 Feb '01 ::
Momentarily living in limbo on the UES [upper east side] until March when i move into my new apartment in BKLYN, the fine, fine borough that it is. For those who read the inquiry post a few weeks ago: to take or not take the costly large apt? I can report that i didn't resort to the stressfully expensive domain afterall, but rather one just as warm and hospitable, without the exhoribitant rent. I no longer have those bad dreams where i see myself in a large, empty apartment sitting on the floor in the corner eating a bowl of plain rice.

Inquiry to me by Mikec: "If Jennifer Lopez is now known as J.Lo, does that mean your sister Jenni is J.Ho?"


...And on S. Broadway this morning: I don't know. Am i just noticing more babies... or are there really more babies these days??

baby closer
baby was sporting a green fur collar, if you look close you can kind of see it.

"Those were the times when the times were good..." + mcsweeney's is good today.

TUESDAY / 6 Feb '01 ::
Wasn't that snow beautiful last night? It was fun walking in it, not even trying to keep your feet out of the rivers of slush on every street corner... because you're headed home anyway, where you can take off your wet socks and wear some slippers. Leave your wet boots in the hallway.

I have been going through Grand Central Station a lot lately, en route to the public library. The flow of people through there at the end of the work day can carry you away. I wish i could say the majestic architecture and grandness of the space created a sort of civility among the masses of humans striding on their way to somewhere else. It didn't, really, so much.

kids busting rhymes
These kids were busting out some rhymes on the J train the other night.

that's a camera?
On Spring Street: "That's a camera??"

Hey. that's my Fatal Exception error mikec boasts on his site today. [screen credit: lth]

After the weekend : MONDAY / 5 Feb '01 ::
It's snowing now. Fat flakes.
"Yeah! Walkin' it in, you feel like you're losing a wicked game of badminton with the heavens."
  --j-kay h

the weekend in pictures:


Brandon, when you get there, will you ask those netscape people to fix their crappy browser?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

transfer from the J

walkerevans woman


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

New York is babies and parents. Parents and babies. [after bfg]




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spycam picture du jour
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C train reading

C train riding

bk msngr

Tribeca grand man
at the tribeca grand

red hair... green hat

+ this kid's from brooklyn
+ a cute org = red
+ djPriest = globalhobo
+ we are fresh
+ alt.sense
+ gmunk
+ mat...mark...Luke Holder
+ mad orange fools
+ stereobate
+ pronounced YevGenny
+ aren't we clever? yes.
+ bfg = ???
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