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SUNDAY MORNING / 11 Feb '01 ::
Listening to Snatch soundtrack. There's something we just noticed. There are no women and there is no sex in Guy Ritchie's films. A man who is married to the most powerful and sexy woman in the world makes films devoid of sex and women.
Still in my silk PJs. Sipping coffee w/ chocolate soy milk. Cooking oatmeal. Wet, packed snow and freezing rain: J. Ho and i didn't go boarding this weekend, we went to see "You Can Count On Me" with Sxx last night, and as if you were dying to know... loved it. Went out for pie and tea at Angelica's afterwards.
Tomorrow: weekend pictures.
Today: catfight

maggie and pippen

maggie and pippen

maggie and pippen
Maggie and Pippen have it out for possession of the lap.

before work FRIDAY / 9 Feb '01 ::
Dan just sent me the mp3 Thing's I've Seen, by Spooks. I'm not just being polite... It's divine! Napster it. It reminds me of Rafiki, by Zap Mama featuring Black Thought of The Roots.

in Chinatown alley friday morning

spring st. station
...almost. Going to be nearly 60º today here in nyc.

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C train reading

C train riding

bk msngr

Tribeca grand man
at the tribeca grand

red hair... green hat

+ this kid's from brooklyn
+ a cute org = red
+ djPriest = globalhobo
+ we are fresh
+ alt.sense
+ gmunk
+ mat...mark...Luke Holder
+ mad orange fools
+ stereobate
+ pronounced YevGenny
+ aren't we clever? yes.
+ bfg = ???
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