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8:23 am FRIDAY / 16 Feb '01 ::
Other people's lives
Are more interesting,
'Cause they aint mine...
Other people's lives
Seem much more interesting,
'Cause they aint mine...
  -- Modest Mouse

other people: canal st.

other people: canal st.

soho women

other people: williamsburg, bklyn

other people: McCaren Park, bklyn

12:37 am THURSDAY / 15 Feb '01 ::
record camp aftermath::
click for bigger image

click for bigger image

click for bigger image of the bfg

click for bigger image
Anonymous midriff. Who says i dont give you any love? Above photos borrowed from the functional, seen-it-all camera of MikeC.

9:37 am WEDNESDAY / 14 Feb '01 ::
NOT BLAH:: The mere repetition of subject matter makes it interesting: dorktown's self portraits

and then there's waferbaby.

Which brings me to this: thanks.
thanks, for all your kind words from austrailia, and from england, japan, and south africa, san fran, philly, illinois, france, brooklyn and more.
i like you. i really like you. So much that i give you this: The single best site on the web. Don't miss out on the translation.
Here is an excerpt:

    "Borrow the LP The Hat Is Yours,
    You can dress up and make out on TV.
    Glue piece of ham, cool.
    Glue piece of ham, cool, cool."
[via priest]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

First cd i found to play when i opened my eyes this morning: FLOWERS, The Rolling Stones. On the train i'm reading my French tutoring book. At work i'm reading my Action Scripting book. in bed at night i'm slowly devouring Pollock, a comprehensive 900 page biography. Topping them all, i spent an hour at the bookstore with Ingres:
go here today for some love letter assistance:

TUESDAY which is really wednesday because we were down yesterday, in many ways. //
13 Feb '01 ::
Record Camp last night with friends, [see above photos] for good music by good djs [owner of a lonely heart... much better than.... owner of a broken heart]

Some things to try if you happen to wake up some morning with a hangover:
    · Sunflower seeds upon rising
    · Cup of green tea
    · Followed by cup of earl grey tea
    · shower
    · sunday's leftover cold oatmeal, drizzled with honey (this is important, do not skip this step)
    · Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
    · Ginko
    · $4 cup of green tea from korean place around the corner
    · cracker jacks
    · pot of coffee at 4 pm
    · miso soup
you should be back in shape by 6 pm.

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spycam picture du jour
click littler image for bigger image
C train reading

C train riding

bk msngr

Tribeca grand man
at the tribeca grand

red hair... green hat

+ this kid's from brooklyn
+ a cute org = red
+ djPriest = globalhobo
+ we are fresh
+ alt.sense
+ gmunk
+ mat...mark...Luke Holder
+ mad orange fools
+ stereobate
+ pronounced YevGenny
+ aren't we clever? yes.
+ bfg = ???
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