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10:03 pm TUESDAY / 27 Feb '01 ::
props to the original brooklyngirl, she's blogging yo.

oh yea, hunkabutta is up and blogging, tokyo style

blurry day, blurry people:


subway anonymous

blurry subway

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


a cute dot org

red's head

1:33 pm MONDAY / 26 Feb '01 ::
Putting the 'er in Personal.
fabric mover in tribeca
fabric mover, TriBeCa nyc

Many thanks to harrumph for the mentions, and don't miss global self-reflection on Friends of Jezebel: the mirrorProject.

FOLLOW UP: Thanks to everyone who took the time to write in and 'vote' for the photo which seemed more effective for telling the story of the moment in which i saw a nun on the train with an ominous glowing light behind her with the scratchiti of what looked like, with some imagination, the word "Messiah". Most people [all but one] who responded to my experiment in photo treatment preferred the smooth version of the nun photo (see fri. feb 23's entry below) and many asked if i had applied filters, or other treatments, to my photos regularly. Ranjit wondered if the grainy photo was even taken with a digital camera... i believe he might have thought that the graininess itself was a product of a filter. To set the record straight, it is not. The camera is indeed a relatively inexpensive, gadgety, digital camera. The graininess of the grainy photo was a product of the camera in low-lighting, and unaltered from its original state with exception of some minor size reduction, minor brightness/contrast adjustment, and some Sharpening (amount: 30 / radius: 1 / threshold: 0).
So, the smoother photo was more treated: it involved application of Photoshop's Median filter (Radius: 1), which does smooth out the graininess, and then some resizing, color and bright/contrast adjustment.

i caught red

1:44 pm SATURDAY / 24 Feb '01 ::
I had another dream where i am looking down on earth from very high up among clouds; not so much a birds' eve view, more of an airplane's eye view.

And like in that last one, i find that i have released my grasp from that which is holding me up there, and i begin a fall towards the earth. And there is a moment of not quite like a panic, but more like a gasp of realization that i'm going to land very hard, eventually, and i will meet the ground with great pain and likely death. And in this gasping moment, i think that someone or something has got to catch me, it is more like i am saying to someone 'you've got to find a way to catch me before i land'.

And as i look down to see where i am going to hit, i see the ocean. The full robust mass of water, but it is beyond me, and i wont make it that far to land in its waters safely. But more immediately below, alongside the ocean, is an empty swimming pool. A faded blue, painted, dry box in the ground. And the voice or presence answers that i can steer myself, to land in the pool, and that despite the empty bottom with no water to cushion my fall, i will be okay.

So i do that, i begin to steer my body, using my legs, to land in the empty pool. And i land on my feet, sliding along on the floor as it slopes from shallow into deep end, which isn't actually empty now, but very shallowly filled with a substance both powdery and gummy. Like a soft version of silly puddy, with similar neutral colorlessness. I slide into it. It kind of sticks to me as it folds me in. And i am safe. I didn't need the ocean afterall, but made a safe landing in what otherwise seemed empty and dangerous.

And speaking of views on earth from high above, look at us from space, via NASA.

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spycam picture du jour

yesterday on the 5 train:
lipstick application on the train

lipstick application on train

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spy du jour
6 train riders

spy du jour
6 train grainy

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