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10:00 am TUESDAY / 13 Mar '01
:: Fever Dreams ::
Small claustrophobic whitewall tunnells and tubal staircases, and mothers feeding yogurt to babies with full heads of hair and full sets of teeth in their mouths.

And then later, i was dialing a car service phone number, and mixed up the last two digits, and accidentally got the home of my ex-boyfriend's family, the Tekippes, on the line. The Tekippes were now living in Normal, Illinois. And were working on a film. And i came to understand that each member of the family, including all 3 of ex-boyfriend-TimTekippe's siblings: Ted, Michelle and Cyndi, had just earned $600,000 a piece working on the sets of a film being made there. In Normal, Illinois.

Then i woke up.

Update:: I've just had my first ever-shot of Wheatgrass. In efforts towards a miraculously recovery, i ordered a shot of the densely green stuff. Served in a plastic mini-shot glass, i trepidatiously sipped, expecting horrible bitter teeth-curling astringentness. Instead, i experienced zesty, tangy, lightness, almost lime-like refreshing flavor. I like it. It's definitely green. Hearing stories of people puking when they first introduce the stuff to their system, i was wary, yet gulped it down. Delicious. And i know it's nutritous [to quote jack keroac in On The Road referring not to wheatgrass, but to apple pie] Allegedly a great soother of sore throats, i let it linger in my throat as i swallowed slowly. C'est tout. Let the healing begin.

1:17 am SUNDAY / 11 Mar '01
um, I wrote a rap:

Head cold
you mess me up
like you want me just to give up
Stay in bed, but my head
is so heavy, and my legs
want to rise, and be playing...
up from the horizontal
position of this laying.
Waiting. Not sleeping. Sneezing.
Half breathing, cause my
inhales aint reaching,
connecting with the air out there
I swallow like it's raw in there
I could sing, sound like Cher
It's so boring, i want to share this
light head of mine with
Someone. No more
hot honey with lemon, all alone.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Feel bad for me now, please. Sneezing. Oh the sneezing. Throat like gravel. achy. hurty. Really. I'm serious.

So there's not much else to do but computerize [love this DSL : I made the Colorado Slide Show friday night] and watch this Wim Wenders movie Lisbon Story which seems good, so far. Mom says drink hot lemon, ginger, honey drink, Rene-Claude says rub Tiger Balm, er Le Balm du Tigre, on the bottoms of my feet. Okay. Did that. Where is the relief? Throat so very sore. Ahem, do i have your sympathy yet? That's all i want. And your respect and love and homemade soup.
See, She-Ra, if you make me a mix, then i could be sitting home listening to it right now instead of the bland hum of the computer, duetted by the bubbling white noise of the humidifyer. If i mention your name here, in bold face type, will that make you more motivated? Thanks, She-Ra, thanks, Lara. We're neighbors now by the way.

I dont have much else to do but wander around the apt. taking self-portraits.

12:00 am SATURDAY / 10 Mar '01

click to view Colorado Slide Show
click image to launch slideshow

A few definitions to help you with your snowboarding lingo as you peruse The grainy, i-need-a-real-camera SNOWBOARDING SLIDE SHOW:

Get Your Soak On: [verb] : To sit in hot tub, and soak. ("After a day of boarding, I'm so ready to get my soak on.")
Similarly, Got Your Bloat On [adj] : after eating multiple servings of mashed potatoes, you have likely done this.

Jillwhacked: [adj] When a girl has fallen from her snowboard and landed on her arse so hard that her very inner constitution --from teeth to tailbone-- feels like it might be permanently rearranged. (Named after the freestyle park at Keystone: The Jackwhacker).
In turn:
Jackwhacked: when this same phenonemon happens to a guy, he has Jackwhacked himself.
and lastly,
WinterBlitz, 2k1: A mild snowstorm that the media turns into the Storm of the Century because they figure viewers are tired of hearing about Pardongate.

Now, after that slideshow of course, may i suggest you get your hardac on? He's got 10,000 photos (almost) of everything you've ever not wanted to see captured on film...
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