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9:21 pm WEDNESDAY / 14 Mar '01


people passing the day
+ New neighborhood means new people to watch, New light. New sky. New views of bridges, and new faces to observe, snap, and post. But, here in this smallish, new-media concetrated community of Brooklyn, i feel less anonymous. That feeling i get walking in Chinatown, or the Lower East Side, Grand Central Station, or Times Square, where the city is huge and filled with millions of faces to pass, to never see again.... that's not the feeling i get here in Wmsburg. I run into friends. I see the video store people shopping at the health food store. I suddenly don't feel inconspicuous...

And I feel like i'm going to run into these following people in the coffee shop someday soon, and they'll see me, and they'll say to me:

    "Hey, we saw ourselves on your site. You took pictures of us, without us knowing. You stole our souls. That makes us pissed off at you."
And i will feel bad.
OR... maybe, instead, it will go like this: I'll see these people in a coffee shop, and they'll see me too, and they'll come up and say to me
    ""Hey, we saw our pictures on your website. Hey, we appreciate how you captured that moment in time, that otherwise forgotten day when we were hanging out, eating soy-dogs and drinking fresh-squeezed juice, and talking about bands, and about our new afro-perms, and about how it would be cool to have a job working at a magazine. Thanks. Thanks for that."

entering Squeeze

entering Squeeze

entering Squeeze

people passing the day

hanging out

drinking juice

meeting up with eachother

passing the day

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spycam picture du jour

yesterday on the 5 train:
lipstick application on the train

lipstick application on train

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spy du jour
6 train riders

spy du jour
6 train grainy

6 train crowds
6 train morning crowds

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