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midnight TUESDAY / 20 Mar '01
French class, and then Record Camp tonight. Good djs spun good beats.

The weekend: A retrospective: Saturday meant drawing class, then dodging raindrops as Sxx and i crept into le Gamin for crepes, and then slid West to Chelsea for the Justine Kurland opening at her new gallery with 4 names which i cannot remember because i did not receive an announcement to the show, even though i am the proud, proud owner of one of her photographs. This seems unfortunate and wrong to me. Then, a play. A free play, at the Axis theatre.

+ Art Opening: a Gallery of Photos, coming soon. +

At kurland opening, John gets coy with spycam

And Sunday started with brunch with a neighbor at the best joint in the hood, and finished with dinner at Estabrooklyn and Laramae's for Simpson's and Mulagawtany, just like apu and manjula would have made it.
red. diner. draw.

red. grin. grafitti.

red: a birds' eye view.

red filming


10:01 am MONDAY / 19 Mar '01

Tungsten74 posted a website today. It's got sound and images and rollover navigation.
What's funny: not really funny, but...funny: but we were walking home last night from D and L's, on N.1st, and as J_ho and i passed a loft where we remember attending a party a few years ago, we see, in the window, Jenks. Jenks, of Tungsten74. Sitting at the dining table, in the loft. At least we think it was you. Small brooklyn.

ART OPENING: A Gallery of photos (pics from the weeekend coming soon).

9:01 am THURSDAY / 15 Mar '01

So many thanks to everyone who wished me well when i was feeling so low, so ill, so ... ill. I'm about 85% of usual self, now. Which is about 52% of what i hope to be one day. I accredit the healing process to ginger, honey, lemon, and Wellness Formula.




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spycam picture du jour
click small image for bigger one:

on 4th Ave.
Smoke break...

on 4th Ave.
On N. 4th...

on 4th Ave.

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