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1:31am TUESDAY / 27 Mar '01
i n s o m n i a

Mike's right: Acute's action is Red hot.
Hey. You attractive people, you innocent and baby-soft friends who deserve nothing but freshness, but who never fail to take what you're given without too much complaining... I, too, have some unposted, recycled images from last week to serve up to you:

Shadow. Southside.

Remind me to tell you about what the NewYorker said about Walker Evans, and then also about this one time, when i was at the Met, gathered around this photograph with some strangers [to be continued...]

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8:01am MONDAY / 26 Mar '01
Friday: 13+ hours working. Sat. 5+ hours drawing. 2+ hours regarder le film du francais de Truffeau. Sunday: 2+ hours receiving pedicure, manicure. 1 hour eating eggs florntine. 6+ hours watching Pre-Oscars, Barbara, Oscars and Post-Oscars. Winner: Benicio.
Too few hours sleeping. Off to work. In the Snow.

snow today

yes. april. snow.

12:01am THURSDAY / 22 Mar '01
Art Opening :: a gallery of photos of people looking at photography. Justine Kurland opening, Chelsea, last saturday ::
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8:00am WEDNESDAY / 21 Mar '01
Hi. I just wanted to tell you... It was nice to hear from you yesterday. You sound happy, you sound good.

In fact, your voice is almost like a song (a quiet yearning melody). And I could almost taste you in the morning, when was walking on the sunny side of the street towards the train to work today. I believe I felt you gently striding along next to me, breathing down my neck a little bit this afternoon when i went for a walk around your block.

Yet, i sense that you aren't quite ready yet.

At night time, you get timid. You feel as though it is too early. You say you're rushing things, even as i beg you not to hesitate.

But as I was walking home tonight along the middle of the block where the street goes diagonal, and I could hear that band practicing in the warehouse with windows high-up, as the voice sang "ooh, Shaaa, la la la....", I knew. I could feel it. It will be soon... You will warm my bare skin. You will wash over me in pure gold and greens and pinks. You will return my love. We will be One, walking arm-in-arm like lovers and best friends.

Oh, dear Spring! We have no doubt that you'll arrive eventually, but, please, Prentemps, Primavera, time-of-Unfolding.... don't take too long. Maybe you don't believe me when i say that we'll appreciate you just as deeply if you arrive real, real soon. But I do believe we're ready. We might have even earned it.

We love you, Spring. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Make yourself at home.

+ + +

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Here's a picture for you, because i'm feeling light and loving and very, very close to you right now:

+ + +

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spycam picture du jour
click small image for bigger one:

on 4th Ave.
Smoke break...

on 4th Ave.
On N. 4th...

on 4th Ave.

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