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later : THURSDAY / 12 Apr '01
new 6 train
from Bleecker St. we jumped ...

on the uptown 6
...onto the uptown 6 train...

on the uptown 6
... on the way home after work.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)
Dear Smart Gambler: The fact that you're attracted to this horoscope is proof that you rank in the top 5 percent of the population in expressing quirky intelligence, funny logic, and the ability to suspend disbelief. No other group rivals you in your healthy sense of absurdity and willingness to use yourself as a guinea pig. I'm sure you'll do the right thing, then, when I advise you to stick your neck out but cover your ass. You'll no doubt also interpret the following instruction correctly: Keep your feet on the ground as you get your head up in the clouds.

10:00 am : WEDNESDAY / 11 Apr '01
routine checkup

my blood

my blood
routine checkup. cholesterol test. travel vaccinations.

9:00 am : TUESDAY / 10 Apr '01

I dreamt of pill-popping waitresses. This dream analysis site is comprehensive and good.
[via harrumph i think]

You have always wanted to create your own cereal and had it delivered to your door. We know this about you.. Now you have, which, while still in beta mode, is no joke.

girl wanted


9:00 am : MONDAY / 9 Apr '01
Spring Saturday trapped in SoHo after drawing class:

icecream girls

sunglasses women

kinky new york

...followed by a Sunday [rob is 30] in sweet, sweet Brooklyn:
i heart brooklyn

plus, despite any imbalances in his well-being, red gets mad dope with flash like that. See mom, that's my kitchen.

9:00 am : FRIDAY / 6 Apr '01
oh boy. that was fun. that was so much fun... thanks to all who came out to Galapagos ("almost-right-by-the-train").

At 8:00 this morning i woke up to rap music. Hip hop, from a boom box planted directly in front of my apartment building. See, I like hip hop. I like rap. And, while this particular brand was a bit abraisive and aplified by the early hour, i usually don't mind the kids enjoying their music. It is a sign of spring, you know.
But it was so early. So i had to ask, through my open window, "Guys, could you turn it down a little bit? See, i was sleeping." And these nice young gentlemen, between talking of getting locked out of school for missing the morning bell, between tales of telling people to get out of their way and threatening to cut them because they were gangstas... they heard my request and they didn't just turn down their music. They turned it off. If not loud, then not at all, I guess. I thought that was nice.

I had a millipede crawling in my shower this morning.

I dreamt I had a fatal blood disease (which explained the dark circles under my eyes) which was diagnosed by a doctor who pressed his gloved fingers on my coccyx.

mon jour: WEDNESDAY / 4 Apr '01
Hi. Happiness tonight will be shared over drinks at Galapagos, in Williamsburg. Drinks alongside an eerie reflecting pool anyone? 8:30: Maybe see you there to commemorate another year in this girl's life... Hopefully so. No big whoop.
Happiness last night was champagne with pomegranate juice at Layla followed by dinner at nobu next door with jenni.

jenks. carwash.

ran into jenks at the carwash.

beautiful emily

on the one nine

...and then found emily on the one nine train.

+ + +

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spycam picture du jour
click small image for bigger one:

on 4th Ave.
Smoke break...

on 4th Ave.
On N. 4th...

on 4th Ave.

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