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Dang! fredshead 's photo expo is white-hot today.

Ah. Peaceful City : Do you want to hear how i woke up this morning? at 7am? Noise. Loud, loud noise. I thought "Aw no! They've come to chop down the only tree on the block growing right in front of my window. How could they?" Crawling from bed, I peeped through the screen which revealed a man jackhammering a few feet from my apartment there, with bigassed earphones on. Jackhammering. 7am Jackhammering. 7am.
I cursed Guiliani (his fault) and snapped the messenger's picture for some sort of evidence used in court to throw him out of the administration. Then i marched downstairs in pj's, opened the front door and aksed the man if he was kidding. Jackhammering outside anyone's window at 7am. Are you kidding, um, sir? You've just woken-up hundreds of people (gesture along the block, notice lone tree is at least still standing).
Truthfull, might only have been me that he woke up. It was not his fault. He was just doing his job. I mentioned something about paying rent. "I dont pay rent to be awoken at 7 am by Guiliani's Jackhammer reinstalling a NO PARKING sign". Whatever. He said he'd be done in 5 minutes. But i was already awake. I did the dishes and folded my clean laundry.
At least he didn't cut down the tree.

jackhammering at 7am
7:00 am view from my bedroom window

jackhammering at 7am

jackhammering at 7am
7am Jackhammering. Thanks, Rudy.
see how there's pink and blue chalk in the street? That's a street chalk-drawn birthday message for my downstairs neighbor Aimee. All Aries living in my building. Rammy.

Pulitzer Prize winning photography of an addicted family in S.California : via fredshead.

jmz from a car on the billburg bridge

There might have been a fire on the L train this morning. There was something going on. Trains stalled in the tunnel. Seek alternate transportation. So we took a car into the city, over the williamsburg bridge with a view of the J train.

"If you're unhappy by your silhouette, plenty of dreams on your pillow yet...." :: ...Today i will be listening to nothing but Wonder.

Here: Priest said it best: "This syberpunk site kinda rules" He's right, we cannot seem to stop watching it.

6:50 PM TUESDAY / 17 Apr. '01
Happy birthday Rafferty.

Priest hooked me up with the bjork remix site

are you wondering if i have better things to do that to sit in the park all day every day? no i don't have anything better to do. however this was taken on a saturday, when i don't go to work. obviously. it's cold today. it's rainy and shitty. but saturday. saturday was beautiful.


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spycam picture du jour
click small image for bigger one:

on 4th Ave.
Smoke break...

on 4th Ave.
On N. 4th...

on 4th Ave.

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