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lunch break: MONDAY / 23 Apr. '01

girl with magnolia tree

hindu family

A weekend in reverse:
SUNDAY: Take weekly trip to hardware store. Buy cheap items at hardware store. Buy potting soil, but no plants to pot. Brunch at Diner with bk and red. Spend most of afternoon on my stoop with red and bk and robbieW. Midnight dinner at mediocre italian restaurant where the waiter thanked us every time he brought us anything. ; "Fresh pepper, thank you." ; "Here's your bread, thank you." ... um. "You're welcome". But we were outdoor-patio-dining, and the wine was fine, and haven't we earned this warm night?

SATURDAY: Try to sleep-in. Fail. Awake to blasting hip hop ("c'mon mutherfucker, c'mon ... c'mon mutherfucker, c'mon") Walk around Brooklyn with RobbieW. Walk around Manhattan with RobbieW. Go meet some siamese cats for potential adoption. Come home catless, but with possible 'adoption pending'. Try to take nap. Fail. Go see Willie Nelson at the Beacon Theatre with Jenni, Sasha, Lolo, Rob, John. Late night walk thru the perfect peaceful post-rain glistening Central Park. End up at the Subway Inn, dive bar with moldy, fly-infested bathrooms. Make exquisite corpses. drink whiskey. go home.
wolfhound, nyc
on 5th Avenue

at gray's after the Willie show

jenni loves wieners

really. she loves them.
jenni enjoys a wiener after Willie.

FRIDAY the 13th: TRISKAI-DEKA-PHOBIA : Abnormal fear of the number 13, and also the name of the all-night 12-hour drawing event at Pratt university in Brooklyn Friday. Sxx and I arrived at about 10pm equipped with our drawing materials and an attitude required to spend late-night hours with a bunch of moxy undergrad art students writhing with verve 'n 'tude. The university had set up several rooms with live-models posing for different lengths of time (2 minutes to 3 hours) and, for 12 hours, Pratt students and independents like us were able to draw from them. We drew large women, tall, thin maasai-warrier like men, small yogic women, and spy-cammed the college kids while we were at it. We ate free pizza at 2 am... We didn't last the full 12 hours, but we did draw until 3:30am or so.

drawing at Pratt
Student drawing at Triskai-Deka-Phobia friday night at Pratt.

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spycam picture du jour
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on 4th Ave.
Smoke break...

on 4th Ave.
On N. 4th...

on 4th Ave.

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