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9:00 am - THURSDAY / 3 May '01
I'm pretty sure the only reading you'll need all week is right here in Harper's.

Mental notations: Things To Write About On My Site When I Regain Ability To Think:
1. Tell about the kid on my block who challenged me to a race at sunset.... was hesitant at first, but realized I was wearing my tennis shoes, so accepted. While i was running down the block kicking his 6th grade butt i told him " i'll let you beat me..." but he didn't catch on. And so then I beat him. I kicked his butt up and down the block. Then he sulked away without giving the .50 cents he promised me if i won. But, Oh! I still felt like a champion!! [oh, no, i felt bad. really really bad. but today he threw his nerf football onto my fire escape in what i'm sure was a motion of forgiveness.)

2. Speaking of my fire escape: A turtle dove built her nest and laid a single egg in the corner of my fire escape recently. She sits there always, at every hour of the day and night, doing her bird sitting, staring at me with one large black eye. We call her Yoña. (Further note: look up whether or not this is as good an omen as i am pretending it is.)

3. Napster still works. Napstering nothing but Prefuse73, and some Calexico.

4. Cibo Matto concert Saturday night.

yona. the bird on my fire escape

yona. bird who's hatching an egg.
Yona, sweet fire escape nest-building, egg-laying birdie.

9:10 am - WEDNESDAY / 2 May '01
Cheryl did such a good thing. Cheryl thought to comb the internet for a Mac plugin to allow for uploading photos from our Spycameras on Apple machines. I have a Mac at home. I have a PC at work and have alwyas had to upload photos from there. Alas, no more. For this, i dedicate this batch of mac-loaded photos to Cheryl

smoking woman. 14th street.
Smoking woman. 14th street.

billboard women

billboard 4

billboard 2

billboard 1
Diesel billboards, Union Square.

girl and mom

ice cream girl 2

ice cream girl

baby and mom

cyclist - 6th avenue

self in store mirror

+ + +

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spycam picture du jour
click small image for bigger one:

on 4th Ave.
Smoke break...

on 4th Ave.
On N. 4th...

on 4th Ave.

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