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Surrounded by tiny lives - SATURDAY / 19 May '01

trix gets crazy thirsts all built up
Despite things, feeling really good, or maybe due to things. Freedom, unemployment, liberty, travel.
I've been thinking a lot about what i was spending my money on up until now, back when i was receiving a paycheck. It is hard to comprehend where it all goes, beyond dinner out 6 nights/week. But then, standing there in the shower this morning, i look up and see my tub of Lemon Sage Liquid Bath Soap. And i recall... $28 for that. And there's its sister, matching Lemon Sage Exfoliant Scrub ($28), and for use after the shower, the necessary Lemon Sage Body Lotion ($25). Smells really great, i mean I have really great lemony-sagey skin, but now i think of this luxury triumverant as about 8 days worth of meals. I'm embracing how differently i'll be living this summer until i start working again.

So muchas gracias to all who wrote in with suggestions or consolations regarding the disappearance of Arlo. I chased a look-alike cat under a crack in a massive steel industrial door leading into an empty lot this evening, where the mystery cat lingered and seemed to respond when we called his name, but this kitty's head turned out to be too small to be Arlo (it was dark).

Then this evening after a trip to the 90th Precinct where i got my first hug from a female NYC cop because we both have the same birthday (Robbie's wallet was stolen) I came home to a note on my front door which read "TWO GIRLS, AND ONE BOY, SAW YOUR CAT"; : two girls, one boy: cat sighting! He seems to be hanging out on the street... we'll get him. He will turn up. It will be just minutes before i'm due to head to the airport, and it will be terribly inconvenient, a chase will ensue, trails of turkey will be left, he'll reluctantly come about, I'll be late for my plane, but we'll get him.

Trixie found a tiny mouse it seems, because she was batting it around the apartment this morning. Never before have i seen mice or signs of them but they're breeding because this thing was tiny. She didn't do much damage to it, but it was in shock, so i took it to the corner grassy parking lot and let it go. Dang. Baby mouses are so cute.

It is all free time - THURSDAY / 17 May '01

looking, looking,
Not so fast.
I mean not so fast. See you haven't heard it all yet. You haven't heard this yet: (Disclaimer: hell it could be worse, i know, but it has been somewhat of a landmark week. Being such kindhearted people that you are, you might be thinking: 'What a bad day --week!-- LT has been having... what, with mysterious rashes and the flu and bird-leaving-egg omens, followed by Arlo cat running away.' And, conversely, you may or may not also have been thinking 'What kind of dark cloud has befallen the otherwise sunny ray of light that is lauraTitian's existence??' -- you may or may not have been thinking some of those things-- but i do say again, it could be worse) ...
Well, things happen for a reason, and with closed doors come open windows (literally and metaphorically, turns out) ...and you've got to have rain to make rainbows, and with every season, turn, turn, turn... etc etc etc.

So i got fired.

That's the dramatic way of putting it. I could aIso say "I lost my job" or "I was dot-bommed", or "I was laid off", and "There was downsizing" sounds nice. Or, for brevity yet with color: "I got The Can, The Boot, The Sayonara!"

It's cool. I mean i was finishing my work day, Xerox(TM)ing the "MISSING CAT" signs to post around the hood, when THE MEETING got called. For all the meetings that have been called for which i expected the worst, this one somehow caught me off guard. Of course i work in DOT COM, so i had to be prepared for something like this. But, we've been working! Turns out there is much difficulty getting some clients to pay. Thus the necessary downsize. It's all sad and sudden and a bit stunning, but I'll survive. I hope the work we did leading up to this at least comes to fruition instead of gathering cyberdust on a staging server somewhere. That's the main thing.

And you know what? I'm leaving the country in 4 days! I'm going to amazing Morocco and Paris. I can use the month to think, flaunt, flow, feel free, drink some wine, get $3 massages in the hammam steam baths... And oh yes! There will be camping, and ocean swimming, heck even some surfing, rock climbing, henna painting, and hiking. And when is the last time you had a bowl of couscous and cup of sweet, tangy mint tea in the home of a Berber family in the High-Atlas mountains? And there is Marrakesh, and there is Fez, and The International Music Festival. Finished off with cafe and croissants in Paris on our way home. It's going to be incredible. And when i return, i will post some hopefully mindbending photographs from my travels, and then begin to deal with the matter of paying rent.

10:00am - WEDNESDAY / 16 May '01

What a week.
It's ominous...
or maybe plain bad luck or bad karma, or just shitty occurrences all at once.
And i don't mean the weird body rash (i can't believe i told you all about my body rash. Self-diagnosis: allergy to airplane. You know: American Airlines, small seats, funky air, etc, etc.)
And i don't even mean the debilitating stomach flu which took me out for about 3 days.

It starts more with Yona the bird. Remember the turtle dove (pigeon?) on my fire escape with nest and single egg? Yona who never left her nest? Yona who, we decided, might be a good omen? Well... she flew. She flew off. She left her nest and her egg and us all alone. The single egg in the abandoned nest now never a birdling to be. It is still sitting on the fire escape, surely dead as it's been days and days. Well, as a dark event, an eerie foreshadowing, a few days after Yona left her home, i awoke this morning to realize that Arlo Diego Sanchez the cat, adopted brother of Trixie Cat, has gone. Arlo, big fluffy clumsy sweet cat, has flown our coop.

No windows were open last night. No doors ajar. No secret holes in the apt that lead to the duct system. It's like something out of a Haruki Marukami novel. Instant disappearance. Yet somehow in-line with the cosmos. Inexplicable, yet almost inevitable. All the while unfortunate.

I mean here's the history: I got Arlo a few days after Trixie, to keep her playful kitty-self company -- but they never quite hit it off. They swat. They growl. They try to play but get territorial. Arlo twice peed in a corner of the bathroom: a sign of unhappiness. Meanwhile, i have been emailing back and forth with the cat adoption people for advice, asking if they think i should bring Arlo back. Maybe Arlo and Trixie aren't good chemistry!

So I hadn't heard from them in a few days, but i had been thinking alternately of returning Arlo to them, and then also often of keeping him, in hopes that eventually he and Trix (aka Slacks) will grow to love one another. I let Arlo sleep with me. I fed and loved and played with him... I gave him fresh salmon...

yet he left.

How? You're wondering how. You're thinking that Arlo couldn't have escaped if no windows or doors were open. You think he's just hiding. Well, what i'm not telling you --what i'm too ashamed to reveal to you-- is that during cooking of dinner last night, i opened the window to pick some herbs which are planted in pots which sit on the fire escape (basil, oregano: it was pasta dinner). After picking, i then walked back into the kitchen to fill a pitcher with water and then back to fire escape (ESCAPE!) to pour the water onto aforementioned herb plants, as they were quite dry. Now there was a window (WINDOW!) of about 45 seconds during which Arlo could have fled through a hole in the screen. See there's a small hole in the screen. Note: I did close the screen. It's not like i didn't close the screen because I did. But there's this small hole in it. Through which-- according to the only plausible explanation -- Arlo must have squeezed.

So there you have it: My Shitty Week. And I'm leaving the country in 5 days for Morocco. And i can't find my cat. And i got the flu-- i mean i'm all better now, but that doesn't mean it didn't suck.

So, friends, neighbors: if you see Arlo anywhere in Williamsburg, please email me.

Arlo kat
Arlo: gone missing!

8:00pm - MONDAY / 14 May '01

departing LGA
Well first of all i contracted this new and strange hand rash somewhere flying over lake michigan. hand rash turned body rash. well, started on my palms, then migrated to my arms, then tummy. itchy. and by the time i got home, it was kind of an all body thing. it was itching, and i went to bed. i awoke this morning all clear and fine but i have some stomach flu thing. so i'm home sick and, well, my friends, i'll post these hot chicago pictures just'z soon as i'm better and whatnot.

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spycam picture du jour
briget jones reader
[click image for big version] Briget Jones reader on the L platform late at night after the Tortoise show, which we didn't even enjoy very much.

liz smith reader
[click image for big version] Reader of Liz Smith on the L train.

mrs doubtfire
[click image for big version] At some Conde Nast gig... Mrs. Doubtfire?

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