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Wednesday / 11 July '01
but i wanted the BROOKLYN hoodie....
The BROOKLYN hoodies must all sell out first...

THIS: Get yer Not-cheap-but-less-expensive urban wear at the Sample Sale at 555 Soul, in Williamsburg.
#9 N4 St., between Berry and Wythe. Wednesday July 11th - Through Friday July 20TH. 10am to 7pm. Too hot to try any of it on. Just grab and buy, and try to remember how it gets cold in the winter in NYC.

LIFE: You know how people write in their weblogs about how they just wrote this whole, long brilliant diatribe-- in this case about how they went home for the weekend and reminisced about all the times, the 31 years of life, they spent in the house they grew up in, and they just went home to sleep in this house for the very last night ever, because their parents have just sold said house and are moving out to the country, and the diatribe went on about how leaving the house is like shedding your own skin, because you know every nuance and texture of that house, and at one time, you were so small living there in that house, that you recall bumping the top of your head on a pulled-out kitchen drawer, that's how small you were... and there were many, many colorful words about how as a teenager, you actually used to dive down the laundry-shoot, head first, with dusty and mindy b and angie ramey, to land in cusioning pile of dirty clothes in the basement below. Of course, the diatribe decribed the time the writer wrote Sally's phone number on the brick wall in the basement which is still there, permanently, 15 years later, however I LOVE JOE FOLEY has somehow been removed from the old bedroom window, where said writer slept as a teenager -- But then right before this writer hit SAVE on said diatribe, the computer, or Blogger, or Greymatter then crashed, before SAVE was hit, and therefore the weblogger lost all of said diatribe and does not have the energy to rewrite it and therefore you, dear reader, will just have to do without it? Well that just happened to me. This Mac crashed (why am i using a mac again?) and i lost all of pre-described said diatribe.
There is no energy or patience left to retell it.
Don't tell me to save more often.

Relive my Kreitzer Avenue memories with me in pictures:

tub drain
basement bricks
dining room
laundry shoot
backdoor lighthall light
hall painting

But then, there's the sheepmeadowesque lawn at parents new home, which will draw us kids home (even more than they might wish) with our tents and frisbees in tow, for the next 31 years... at least.

the 'sheep meadow' lawn
+ + +

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spycam picture du jour
briget jones reader
[click image for big version] Briget Jones reader on the L platform late at night after the Tortoise show, which we didn't even enjoy very much.

liz smith reader
[click image for big version] Reader of Liz Smith on the L train.

mrs doubtfire
[click image for big version] At some Conde Nast gig... Mrs. Doubtfire?

I got some thing from some folks...

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