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The majority of you think new-kitten should go by Betty after the restaurant where she was found (She's a she, but I'm not opposed to gender-ambiguous names.)
But here's my issue with Betty: I already have kitty number one, named Trixie. And Trixie and Betty just sounds too...sweet. Too, too "ie". So I'm trying out other names. I like calling her "the small machine", I need to do some research, for that meaning in other languages...(in Japanese it's Sochi, but she's not a Sochi, I don't think. Plus there's that "ie" problem there.)
She's Siamese, so maybe I find some... Thai name? But she was found in a Moroccan restaurant, so I'm perusing the Muslim female name list, too. See? I could name her Samar, which, of course, means Evening Conversations. Meanwhile, this neighborhood in which I found her is largely Latina, so there. She could be be, you know... Leche?

Onto Other Things. Cultural Things:
PS1's current show by Korean artist Kim Sooja is really wroth seeing. Excerpt from the write up explains:
"The title piece, A Needle Woman (1999-2001) is made up of eight simultaneously projected videos, each documenting Kim as she stands perfectly still in the crowded streets of Tokyo, New York, London, Mexico City, Cairo, Delhi, Shanghai, and Lagos. Rigid, clad in gray with her back to the camera, Kim situates herself and the viewer against a global metropolis..."
You get to stand there, surrounded by projections from all over the world, able to compare the citizens reactions to this unimpenetrable Asian woman. The Lagos one is the best. You'll just have to go see. Plus, there's a piece of her standing before a river in India. If you go, if you give it the proper time... stand there longer than a look, turn around, and walk out.. you'll be rewarded. Not by flash, not by splash, just by... light. By air. Sky. Meditation. The river turns into the sky, into aerial space. The flat river is the depth of the sky. Gosh, that's so nice.

Also, Freshfroot. It's Fresh! And:, is panoramic.


Pony? Microtiny? Tinyfoot? Bigfoot? BigESmalls? SmallEBigs? FireEagle? (Fire Eagle???) Giant? Diego? Bunny? (no not bunny) Violet?
What to name kitten number 2. Or technically #3, when you count Arlo... But Arlo, after running away and then returning, went back to the animal shelter, and I hear has been placed into a home, which makes us all feel better.
So now, early in this hot August, while dining one evening at neighborhood's Black Betty, we spied in the kitchen (on the floor, not in a stock pot or anything) the cutest smallest tiniest toughest fluffiest little kitten which we have ever espied. Kitty was coveted... until it was learned that kitty was a stray, and needed a home. I'll take it! I declared before even considering details...I've been operating under the assumption that current cat Trixie needs a pal. So the next thing I knew, I was carrying little-small-tuff-customer-new-kitty home in an eggplant box.

So new-Kitty went to the vet, new-kitty is in good health, and she now needs a name...Suggestions?


with Dr.Stronger, at the vet.

kitten at the vet

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On S. Kent Avenue, Bklyn [enlarge]

briget jones reader
Briget Jones reader on the L platform late at night after the Tortoise show, which we didn't even enjoy very much. [enlarge]

I got some thing from some folks...

I got some thing from some folks...

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