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Tuesday, 9 Oct '01
pictures from the weekend... when it was sunny, brisk, windy outside, yet warm, steamy, coffee-comforted with pancakes inside:

red at diner
coffee and red

bkid at diner
bkid at diner

sign shadows on S.6th street

jenks tag and vine tree

Sunday, 7 Oct '01
Delayed posting because what can you say about Björk, besides brilliant? I've been looking for words.

I have been listening a lot lately to my Sparklehorse cd, and this is relevant to Björk, so stay with me a sec, and there's this opening line on a song where he sings "I'm the only one, who can ride that horse, canter" And I like that line, the word canter. And it's been in my head for a week or so. I'm the only one who can ride that horse canter.

And then I was walking on 57th street on Friday when I saw the back of a guy's t-shirt, which had an image of a harp, and the words "Why man was given 5 senses." And I thought "Oh, that's why, then? 'cause of the harp?" I wondered about it. Then I saw the front of his shirt and it said 'Guiness' like the beer. So, I thought, "oh. I guess they meant beer." —this is all related to Björk— Beer is why we were given 5 senses? I wondered about this.

Now Friday night, as we enter Radio City, gripping our tickets in hands and walking down, down, ever closer to the stage, in giddy disbelief that we're walking farther down still...7th row? Oh boy we feel giddy, and dumbly ridiculously lucky. And when Björk comes on, after performance by Matmos which seemed great but we missed lots of it, she has a harp, and a harp player on stage with her. And after they play their first tingling notes, now I realize, "This is why we were given 5 senses. It is the harp. And the full orchestra, the girls Inuit choir. And the music box. And really, ultimately, perhaps more than any other instrument, Björk's voice itself."

And her canter. She dressed in 2 different swannish dresses, first white with a wrap-around swan's neck. After an intermission, a 2nd swan inspired dress in red, with a huge skirt of red pluming feathers, which ballooned out like an ostrich. And how can you say something like "When she danced, she cantered around onstage, like an enormous red ostrich" and be saying that in the most admirable way? Well, you can say that, perhaps only about Björk. She's the only one, who can wear that dress, and canter.

She can be powerful, and she is, while also portraying mysterious cuteness like an elfin pixie, but not meek, but maybe shy, and really very cool when she moves her arms to the beat of that that dgh-dg-dgh rivving riff in Human Behavior. She's soft, where her mouth turns up, where her arms are pudging out from the corner of her dress, when she says 'thank you', and she's simultaneously sharp, strange, and smarter than we are.

She sang from Vespertine, some Selma songs, Homogenic; she encored with Human Behavior, and State of Emergency, which are both now newly relevant in these times. She brought me to tears, and no doubt you're tiring of hearing of my tears, but these were joyful tears.

Oh, and Sharon, she was barefoot.

Friday, 5 Oct '01
Turns out I do have connections... er Jenni has connections, she being my sister, well, technically she's my connection, see? You gotta have connex to get Björk tix in this town, if you missed out on the initial sale, (which I did because ... well nevermind unless you want to hear about how Ticketmaster sucks, which you probably don't) which was over in a matter of minutes. So tonight: Björk, with Matmos at Radio City Music Hall. Tomorrow: reports back.

Wednesday, 3 Oct '01
i just know i had something to say...
I was in yoga today and it was getting hot and so I shed my outer layer, my I HEART NY tshirt, in between tree poses. Yea. I pulled my I HEART NY shirt over my head, leaving it inside out, and tossed it onto the floor. At the end of class I was picking up my things and there was the shirt tag, staring right up at me: MADE IN PAKISTAN.

want to show that you're a sexy patriotette? all profits go to 911 relief funds. [link via mikec]

Sunday, 30 Sept '01
You know Coca Cola® is changing their current ad campaign because they don't feel it is appropriate to seduce us with "Life Is Great" right now.

But on Friday night at the Warsaw Theatre, when Sparklehorse opened with their latest cd's title-song It's A Wonderful Life, we were bathed in the comfort of its minor notes, and it was just right. The hushed melancholic dingy melody- a tingling and singed lullaby- rocked us in slow-motion. At last, an appropriate antidote to America the Beautiful, (which still makes us cry when Willie Nelson sings it.)

It's A Wonderful Life, without sliding into denial, lulled us in our hopeful pain.

We wished you were there with us, Friday night, at the Warsaw theatre, Brooklyn's best Polish theatre you've never been to but will fall in love with, very soon.

NY Citizens can sign this Petition for Retaliation and Peace: »»NoToWar

»»Buy Art for WTC Disaster Relief: is issuing a benefit collection of photographs of The Twin Towers with all profits going to the NY State World Trade Center Relief Fund. These include photographs by Sheila Metzner as well as Joel Meyerowitz, which were recently published in the New Yorker.

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Strapless Jeans Dress on a downtown train. [enlarge]

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On S. Kent Avenue, Bklyn [enlarge]

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