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Wednesday, 07 Nov 2001

Mayor Elect Mike Bloomberg spent an average of $69 for each vote he received in this mayoral election.

i'm sick, aaiiiiet? so I'll post a few much belated marathon photos when i'm back to sitting upright. mr.fancy bklynkid posted his right away, so you can just go check his out right away.

Thursday, 01·11 ·01
....It was fine, but the crowd was serious. We left early and ate mussels and fries on 1st & 1st.

mark at the verb
It's nearing 70 today and i found Mark sitting in the sun outside our Bedford Ave. 'mall'.

Our new thing is to go to the Verb every morning. Take our coffee in large ceramic mugs. Take our coffee extra hot. Sit in the Commons area where we all caffeinate for the coming day.

We watch French women in burgundy leather skirts and high heeled boots run their jack russell terriers up and down the wide hallway to excercise their legs.
Dads with highlights and 555 Soul hoodies, baggie jeans and MTV bookbags run their toddlers up and down the open area in the same way. We sit alone and turn pages of The Company Store catalog and fantasize about high quality Hungarian goose down and 400 thread count super Egyptian sheets. A closet full of spare comforters, one for everyone. The best pillows money can buy. Investing in sound sleep is the luxury we dream of.

Wednesday, 31 Oct '01

Tonight: Festival of Kenneth Anger's films at Anthology Film Archives, including music by Bill Laswell and others.

laura's bossbryan's boss
Bryan sent me HIS mug... I said "I have that Other Mug, too." You got yourself a favorite personalized mug and a digital camera? Send me your MUG.

Friday, 26 Oct '01

vain (vn): 3. Excessively proud of one's appearance or special personalized mug.

"You're so vain, you probably think this site is about you..."

Important to mention that Sarah Glorian, circa 1975, gave me the LAURA LAURA LAURA mug for my birthday. years later, i found it, then i lost it, and now, see, i've found it again. and that is why today is a very very very good friday.

Wednesday, 24 Oct '01
Perhaps you've experienced this event in your life where you realize jewel cases have long ago taken over. And now, in your thirties, or sixties, or whatever, rather than cd cases sitting on your shelves trim, aligned, filed alphabetically and also of course categorically, such as:

ROCK (beatles, stones which starts with R, neil young...)
EDGY-'indy'-ROCK (bedhead, blonde redhead, catpower, p.j.harvey, yo la tengo...)
INTERNATIONAL: (buena vista social club, susanna baca, gypsy compilations, nusrat fateh ali kahn, compay segundo, y'allah hitlist egypt...)
TWANG: (dylan, bill monroe, willie nelson, uncle tupelo...)
And then of course HIP HOP, CLASSICAL, COMPLIATIONS...etc.

...instead what you have is, you have empty, stepped-on, brittle plastic jewel-cases strewn about— some of them can be found under the rug, some serve as drink coasters— and meanwhile you're constructing ever taller-growing, vertical, reflective-edged, silo towers out of naked cds, stacked in methods where order does not exist. Nothing stopping you from finding The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Soundtrack right next to Faust, flip through some more and there's Gillian Welch next to Can, then a FatBoySlim, a Vivaldi Four Seasons, and then The Roots, Carly Simon, Simon Le Bon (justkidding, I don't have that) and then Prefuse73, next to one of those Red-Hot-and-Complations, and a Nina Simone.

So I'm doing that thing where you buy a big soft, flippable book with sleeves, and you try to file your cds in one compact black tidy book and eliminate clear plastic jewel cases, clearing up shelves and shelves of bookcase space. But how do you file Jon Spencer Blues Explosion? Is it a J? for Jon? Is it S for Spencer? B for Blues-Explosion?? ... and what about Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn? Is his last-last-last name Kahn, so file under K? But see I would never look for him there. I think I would look under N. But can you file under a first name? I guess I get to make the rules because I'ts my big, soft, flippable Black Book of cds. But see now you can understand how these things are hard. Really really hard.

But because I want to share this life-transforming event with you, I have prepared for you this list of:

Stats So Far In My CD Filing System After ~30% Of All Cds Filed Into The Book:
» Letter with the most cds and how many in that category: B/13 [email me for a full listing]

» Letter with the fewest cds, how many cds, and name of cd: V/1/Susanne Vega

» Favorite cd graphics so far: all Sterolabcds, and also OOIOO's FeatherFloat (file under Oh? or Z for zero? This I Do Not Know.)

» Band/artist for which I have the most # of cds and how many cds: Stereolab/8 tied with JSBX/8 (result of an earlier-in-life obsession) closely followed by Tom Waits/7

What do you do with your leftover empty plastic jewel cases?

Wednesday, 24 Oct '01
compassion under the bridge
under the Williamsburg bridge...

homeless sleeper
...there was a man sleeping

+ We have seen the face of evil
+ Art is what you make of it
I go get coffee now.
There's hammering going on nearby.
Why did you ring my buzzer at 3am and wake me up? I was dreaming of plants dieing, and living; i was carrying around a frozen turkey carcass through the halls of an old highschool.

And no really, now. I think there are theories to really tackle David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. There are friends of friends who might have somewhat figured it out. Really. Maybe... it's kind of like this... There are Fifties film elements woven throughout. There is the naive blond, the confused bewildered brunette, the Fifties diners, noir views of Hollywood. The movie-within-the-movie was a Fifties musical... and you know what film was first televized in 1950? ...Wait, you haven't seen Mulholland Falls yet? I don't want to ruin it for you.

Wednesday, 17 Oct '01
...and although I would like to go on record as absolutely regretting that I ever watched Lost Highway, we spent our $9 on David Lynch's Mulholland Drive last night at BAM. I vascilated between fear, laughter, hands-on-face-mouth-agape reaction to some incredulous ridiculousness, and then not worrying about the insanity and just enjoying the good scare. And the music. There's a scene in which a version of Roy Orbison's Crying is sung in Spanish: hearing this made the entire 2-and-a-half-hour movie worth sitting through.
Did I mention that the movie is non-figureoutable? And sometimes it's like so ridiculous? Does David Lynch just get to be weird? You can say I just don't get it... but despite minature elderly couples running around like mice, it was entertaining. Maybe you can enlighten me on the dual-universe nonsensicality. Maybe you've figured it out...

on totally other topics: that petition i linked earlier might be bogus, so i'll comment it out until we know for sure.

new yorker

Monday, 15 Oct '01
I went to Dean and Deluca this weekend, after a shiatsu massage downtown which left me tingling and sedated; I needed some spices, wanted some candy corn, and was also unexpectedly inspired to buy some meat for cooking dinner. So the spices were good quality, simply $3. The meat cost $5 for 2 chicken breasts. I rarely buy meat, but this sounds ordinary. And then the candy corn cost $8 for a grapefruit sized bag. Chicken=$5. Candy Corn=$8. This is sooooooo wrong. Am i right?

Thursday, 11 Oct '01
I dont know.
i heard this woman on NPR talking. she said "they're trying to cobble together..."... somethingsomething. it sounded weird. Cobble. Kabul.

If you want to go out to eat tonight, you can go to one of these restaurants and they will give all the money from your dinner to the Windows of Hope 9/11 Relief fund. i think its a good idea you go out to eat. because really, you're getting so small. when was the last time you really went out to eat for a good cause? And i swear, all that Festivus ice cream isn't showing on your hips, like at all. So... you gotta eat. or as we like to say: you gotta eat... and drink wine.

Wednesday, 10 Oct '01
...i guess i blame the kitten.
Something... oh, there was a fire 2 doors down the other night. Watching a movie, we heard screaming "LOUIE... LOUIE... LOUIE" Looked outside. Smelled smoke. Went outside. Heard fire engine sirens. The house had emptied out, although some people were still looking for Louie... heard he got out okay. Our block was lined with fire trucks...6,7,8 of them. They wrapped around and onto Driggs Ave, they wrapped around onto Roebling. The firemen went into the house...they show up in the windows of the 3 floors, there's a fireman on the roof. They did their thing, because after about 6 minutes, they were done. Came out. A man with a clipboard patted other firemen on the back. They had done their job. And as they were emptying the fat hoses of the water and packing up to go, a neighbor sitting on her stoop in her slippers yelled "HEY FIREMEN. You guys were Heros before World Trade Center, Alright?"

+ + +

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