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...FINALLY GOT SICK / Sunday, 9 Dec 2001
Saw the movie The Business of Strangers, it was quite great! Written by a guy who was inspired by his job temping in the corporate world, it's about the tensions and politics among the players, in this case, two women. The older at the peak of her career, the younger, well.... Go see it: Stockard Channing plays the CEO-corporate-careerist with brilliant soft strength... Julia Stiles looks just like a female Leonardo DiCaprio.

First Bkid got nostalgic, and now Red posts some history.
So I had to pull a few from my archives:

Red: Williamsburg
Red, March 2001

MikeC Nov 2000
Bkid, Nov, 2000 (apparently before I started putting a stroke around images...)

Thursday, 6 Dec 2001
Guess who I ran into last night??

Well sometimes it becomes time for a haircut. And so under the scissor I went, and got a trim by the fabulous Jackie at Devachan. Robbie found me in the chair, getting some funny little bangs cut, and from there we headed south to the Patagonia store. Don't go into the Patagonia store. You think you're safe going to the Patagonia store on a 70 degree day. You are not safe. You will leave there with not a mere coat, but with a complete winter-system, and then realize you haven't paid rent yet...

Aprés that spending spree (super-soft fleece, you're so hard to resist), R and I needed Korean food, and so I said "Let's go to Clay", where I hadn't been in a year or more.

So we walked east to Mott St. And as we walked that way, I reminded Robbie how if it weren't for Clay, I wouldn't even know him... Because of how my sister Jenni, there, one night after a few Sakeritas (yes, that's a sake margarita which does the job just fine), approached MikeL... thinking she knew him, realizing eventually she did not know him, but knew he looked enough like Joaquin Phoenix that she was willing to get to know him. But he lived in Chicago. And so it was in Chicago, 6 months later, she did indeed run into MikeL again, this time really knowing him... and that led to his return to NYC for a show a few months later, to which he invited his local Bklyn friends, one of whom was Robbie, and thus Jenni and Robbie met, and learned that Robbie, having grown up in the same town as my dad: Amarillo, Texas, knew many of our relatives, and I haven't even gotten into the Dave Deany connection, or the Katrina from Brown coincidence... and then there was this night of TV at my house (Oscar night) and then there was Easter, and somewhere in there began Robbie and me spending all kinds of our time together.

But before I got too far into this long story (which R already knows quite well) we entered Clay, looked to the left, looked to the right, and there at the bar was — not that she's satanic, but speaking of the devil— there was Jenni -with Lindsay. My very sister. Spontaneously, at the same tiny restaurant in the tiny NoLita neighborhood of Manhattan, at the exact same time on the very same night. Unplanned. Unexplained.


Wednesday, 5 Dec 2001
What are all the helicopters about?

Someone emailed this message to me from massivenumedia reminding us how fortunate we are.

Thankful, today, for large, very, very large, large, large cups of coffee....
from Fabiane's! Yes. tis true. I went to Fabiane's today.

If you don't live in the WB, an explanation... See it's like this: The Verb is sort of the established south-of-7th coffee shop (i know that I never go to the Gray Parrot). The Verb is in the mall. The Verb has good, like, really good coffee from locally roasted beans. Extra hot, their coffee. And they have the surly cute staff, who are charmingly grumpy in the morning. Messy hair. And they've got the good music blasting, which is sometimes Scott Walker, sometimes Bjork, sometimes the Stones, sometimes The Magnetic Fields... And always the smoking room which gets, yes, very smoky. And their door. You know about their door, how it makes the piercing squeaky noise. More than a few of us have offered to bring them our DW40. They say it doesn't work. Learn To Love the Squeeky Door, they say.

OR...go across the street, and try the NEW Coffee Shop. Right Across the Street: Fabiane's makes her own pastries. She makes coffee too. They served me granola this morning, with fresh fruit (not just apples and bananas like the Verb, but big blackberries, melons, strawberries, oh the variety!), Fabiane's was hushed, but buzzing. No music playing, just the hum of conversations, sometimes in Euro accents. You know what? Fabiane's folds and fastens their Java Jackets for you! So you don't have to slide part A into part B before you can wrap it around your hot cup of coffee. The Verb's might oughta be gettin worried...but I think there's room for both joints in this town.

Heist, David Mamet / Monday, 3 Dec 2001

The tree out front has lost her leaves and now the sun shines in my apartment, unhindered.

on the roof looking at manhattan

Flowers on Bedford

so we bought some

Friday, 30 Nov 2001

This woman's hair, it was so long. So long she wrapped it around her hands in her lap, when she sat on the train. Can you believe that banana cost a whole dollar? There's the guy who works construction on the corner of Bedford ave, the one with the turquoise turban. He always is wearing the turquoise turban, that's how I know it's him. He was also wearing a BROOKLYN sweatshirt yesterday, while working. He's always bricked up, red dust dirty, doing brick-work. But he smiles at me, every time, looking up and making eye contact with me, as if he has some internal sensor alerting him when I'm about to walk past. I'm so special, he smiles at me only. There were, and still are, enormous pink, plucky flowers growing in the fenced-off, no-man's-land trangle on Metropolitan Avenue. And sometimes wild mint grows in there and even tomatoes are growing in there. And a rose plant, among the display of washed-out, soggy, defeated stuffed animals (some are the oversized carnival stuffed animals, whose heads dip down with the weight of the world) and there are other fading colorful things in there, like draped Mardi Gras beads. Later, rounding the corner onto 7th avenue where we catch our trains— not the usual homeless guy, who seems quite sane, and very much known and friendly to everyone— but another, different homeless man, a scraggly guy, a bit older, with a full raging gray beard... I looked up, and while he was holding his pants up with one hand, he raised his coffee cup (the paper I 'APPLE' NY kind) to his lips with the other, to tip the last swallow of coffee into his mouth. As he tossed the cup into the garbage, he swished the coffee around in his mouth, in-between his teeth. Like mouthwash, the last sip. That's what I loved, he was all business about it. It was more of a teeth-scrubbing than a savouring.

I think that's what it took to get me back here, to post, again.
That, and a nice email from Mike in Japan.

I just hadn't been in a posting mood ... if i had a camera I would have taken pictures of all those things, and of the two people asleep on the train this morning, one's leg hooked over her partner's.

George Harrison died yesterday.

It's almost 70 degrees in NYC today.

And while you were out, there was this website's one year anniversary, somewhere in there.

Friday, 09 Nov 2001's online Brucke exhibition is e-art-riffic.

Unrelatedly, G. W. Bush was head cheerleader in highschool. Unrelatedly, Osama Bin Laden is the 17th offspring of a child-mathematics-genius. Bin Laden's neice lived in soHo. She's an American ssscitizen. She is 26 years old, living in Geneva right now... and she is horrified by her uncle. All this according to NPR.

I dreamt I was shopping in a mall with highschool friends, including Dusti and Teri Smith. We walked into a shop called "Shoulders"... i can still picture their logo, in black letters on their glass door... A juvenile, handwritten-like-font... I wasn't really into this shop, though.

It was cheesy. They had massage chairs, like barbershop chairs, where peole were getting shoulder-rubs. But I didn't want a shoulder rub sitting upright. There was a raised platform where only fire fighters could get their shoulders rubbed, I saw a woman firefighter up there, getting her shoulders rubbed.

"Shoulders" also sold all kinds of products. I went into the ladies lounge, and was wiping off all this makeup I had tried on, just to try to kind of fit in to the shopping experience. I had applied 4 different layers of lipstick, one bright red, one was gold; I looked hideous, so I tried to wipe it off with a towell, and I wiped my mouth and found a segment of a tape worm come out of my mouth, and then this man who worked at "Shoulders" appeared, and he said to me "What's wrong?" and he made me open my mouth for him, at which time it was revealed that I was missing a lot of my teeth, which I hadn't realized before, and I was embarassed by this.

that's probably oversharing, isn't it?

you should read the dreams I don't post.

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