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MAY 17, 2002
I've washed my comforter 5 times this past month. Well, I washed it twice; and paid the Chinese couple who own the laundromat to wash it 3 times. (Can I say that? The Chinese couple? Does that offend? Like, if they were Laotian, I would say Laotian. Because it's interesting, culturally. And I mean that here, too. But if they were Hispanic, I probably wouldn't say 'The Hispanic couple'... or 'the Black couple'. No I wouldn't; or 'the white couple'. Or the 'Eastern European couple'. Why did I mention it? Well a few reasons, I suppose. 1. There's the stereotype of Chinese Laundromat-owning family. And my neighborhood has one of these—as do many neighborhoods in New York—in an otherwise largely Puerto Rican, Eastern European, white-from-anywhere-USA populated neighborhood. So People from China are a minority, in the business-owning community of Williamsburg. So I find it worth-mentioning, in its cultural diversity. 2. There's a large language barrier, which amplifies our differences: I go into detailed descriptions of what happened with the comforter; He explains that he doesn't understand me. But if I come back the next day, she will. I suppose if I myself question my reasons for mentioning it, well... I almost deleted it, but thought I'd discuss it, instead...) Oülü. It's Oülü. She keeps pissing on my comforter. Yes, it's down. Yes, I use that Nature's Miracle stuff. Yes I've started removing the comforter from the bed when I'm not in it. Yes, she has a vet appointment .... I guess I'm not asking for advice here about the cat pee thing. I'm just sayin'. But if you have thoughts on the other thing, feel free.

Check out's NYC spycam pics. They're real nice.

And my throat. It hurts like hell. I hope it's not strep. I hope I don't die. Whatever it is, it's wrong. Its May, it's warm out side at last. And ... I figured out the problem with Little Richard. He doesn't ever blink! That's why he's so strange. And so, since I'm inside a lot these past few days (recovering?) except for when I go on neighborhood walks in low light, I'll take this time to mention movies:

Klute: I ripped this image off of some German website.
+ KLUTE Jane Fonda as a call-girl named Bree Daniels; Donald Sutherland as the detective on the trail of her would-be murderer; Set in 1971 NYC. Directed by Alan J. Pakula (The Parallax View, Sophie's Choice). The era, the clothes, hair, scenes in Harlem... are a stylish backdrop for a psycho thriller which isn't so psycho and isn't such a chiller... But the story line—and more importantly, the characters— develop in a way which isn't insulting. Which is quite intelligent, economic. And ultimately it's about Bree's own personal evolution, her self-analysis, her relationship with men, and love. or something like that. I don't know. I Loved it.

+ Donnie Darko (2001) was actually really good. Set inexplicably in 1988, the mise-en-scene style is pure late-eighties (not the filmmaking style); as is the music— which will take you back to either highschool, or if you're, mmm, more like me, College. But, So. What happened? Anyone? Many conflicting theories revolve...

+ Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) I can't say much because I haven't finished watching yet. Fell asleep last night during it. But I can say, it's my favorite era... for style and aesthete. Natalie Wood is so painfully beautiful. And I'll watch anything with young Elliot Gould in it. (Or older Elliot Gould. Not that he's Old now, but...older) So foxy in the 70's. Amazing side burns. The script was smart, funny; must finish watching it soon. IMDB says this: After the ultra sophisticated couple, Bob (a filmmaker) and wife, Carol attend a secluded therapy group (only to observe) they become modernized in their sexual thinking and behavior. Can Bob and Carol's new thinking rub off onto best friends, Ted and Alice? [post script: Just finished the movie. Oh man. So great. So contemporary; Really holds up to current times. Very hip, and many laughs. Dyan Cannon: She's tremendous. That laugh of hers. Oh, yes. Absolutely rent it.]

+ The Long Goodbye speaking of young, foxy Elliot Gould. He's the definition of super sexy senstitive tough guy in this Hollywood Noirish Raymond Chandler-based story directed by Robert Altman. You'll really fall for Philip Marlowe, P.I.; There are many funny moments, and the closing scene is a classic... even an homage to Orson Wells. I'm pretty certain. Yes. It is. I'm sure of that.

MAY 12, 2002

jj, jando, eltee
For you, Jan, on Mother's day: an album of family snapshots: Your-Visit-NYC; May 2002.
launch: Our Family-photo-memory-album:
You're beautiful, Jan!

MAY 10, 2002

We've been busy this spring. Ken and Jan were visiting... I can't say it enough... we've been eating good food. Listening to great music. We've been to Broadway, seeing TopDog Underdog, with Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def. Go do see that. And Oklahoma! weren't nuthin' less'n a grand ol' time on Bway.

And last month, AFPriest came to town.... We have pictures to prove it:

+ Launch AFPriest hits NYC : A slide show: april 2002 +

+ + +

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Subway man [enlarge]

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