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I am cracking up and scrolling and scrolling and reading and reading like all of::
+ MORETHANDONUTS: [excerpt follows]
"Side note: do you ever wear a shirt to work that you totally hate? the shirt that has been sitting in your closet with the tag still on it and every morning you look at it and say 'why don't i ever wear this shirt?' well i'm wearing that shirt and it's green and i fucking hate it."
---posted by kristen williams at 7:47 AM

"But the questions remain: Can contemporary photography do something more serious than excite? What's the difference between art photography and commercial photography? Is there a difference?"
-- From What's Wrong with Photography? by DanE. (Are you one of my like 2 dozen friends who is a photographer? Are you not a photographer, even? You can read this article even if you're not. and you can read this article if you are.)

Do you want to know something? One of the brains behind this useful bringing-folks-together in the old-fasioned-face-to-face-way fancies coloringbook pictures of apes with ladies applying lipsticks.

I'm sorry about how I spelled your name wrong, Pal.

I'm sorry about how that link was so broken for so many years, + FALLINGUP.ORG.

+SLOWER.NET'S ELIOT LIVES IN BROOKLYN NEAR THE MANHATTAN BRIDGE: He seems to give good photoblog. phlog. he's a phlogger. i'm trying that out: phlogger. flogger?

as for me. i'm sitting in the room where the radio isn't. someone's interviewing ralph nader in there. he sounds smart but i cant hear what he's saying because i'm sitting in the other room from the radio. i haven't had coffee yet. i will though, i am back, to answer your inquiries which seem to pour in. folks are concerned with my coffee intake. fear not, i resume. meahwile, i wish i'd done some things differently. oh just things. i will see you 'round soon....And then, Is it 'Got to Shake the Shit right off your shoes'? Or is it 'Got to Scrape the Shit right off your shoes'? someone? please?

JUNE 17, 2002
what do you say after being away for so long? where were you? why weren't you updating? why so busy? doing what? need coffee? need vacation? no photos? no thoughts? inability to execute? fear of success? inability to maintain cleverness? set up unrealistic expectations from yourself and others? what, tired of spending time in front of monitors? things not as exciting as you'd like to convey? sick of making shit up? making shit up but unable to type it? dreams too revealing to reveal? fear dreams will convey crazinesss and instability or just weirdness? too many photos make selecting a daunting task? photos? got photos? tired of manually updating? sick of hot-yellow-green? headaches? too much wine? forgetting to breathe? busy vacuuming?
....yes. thanks to all, for asking. Somehow an email from Pol K worked to motivate me; here's what we've been up to:

she's mick jagger, naturally


skyline: heiferman roof

gorilla lipstick lady, heiferman bathroom.

MAY 27, 2002
Heather Champ and The Mirror Project invited a variety of guest curators to drop-in and compose a "gallery" from thier massive collection of reflection portraiture.
+ and um, well, yes, the one I curated is now live + this week, for your viewing pleasure: It's meowy. Take a peek through the eyes of some of the other guest curators, too, including Kylie Gusset, Jessamyn West, Powazak, webchick, and Kottke. Quite a nice way to look at the expansive bowl-you-over quantity of Mirror Proj through the filter of someone else's brain.

MAY 18, 2002
Don't think I don't miss you, my beloved, my raison d'etre. You steep daily into my waking thoughts. Oh—God I miss you now. Sure, there are moments when I understand that I'm better off without you; Maybe my relationship to you was unhealthy; I was on occasion obsessed.

I'm much, much better off now!

But then I'll recall your body, your scent surrounds me, I want you to fill me up. Yet as each day passes, I feel myself growing stronger. Sure, its only been 4 days, but I'm getting over you: I've taken to bed with herbs and tinctures and I'm kicking you, just like I'll kick this sickness soon.

But then, on a walk through town, I'll pass a cafe: lovers in the window... studious singles typing at their Apple Titanium G4s... and there you are, with them. You're in all of them. They live and love you, as I once did....... as I still do. I won't pretend to live my life without you from here on out. I will succumb; And I dream of the moment you're here with me again, in the morning, filling my cup—oh Organic French Roast. You are my life, in so many ways. Yet I've proven I can exist without you, for even a few days. I'll make it through the weekend, and maybe —perhaps as soon as this fever is licked— I'll embrace you again with both hands, drink you up, you dark deep aromatic thick love. I miss you, coffee. And I need you, coffee. Do you know that? I love you coffee.

+ + +

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Halloween commute [enlarge]

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Subway man [enlarge]

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