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TUESDAY 9:47 PM / 98° JUNE 26, 2002
This ought cool us off: some more from MoMAQNS: Opening night.
stuck out in the rain:
at MoMA Qns

at MoMA Qns

Oh so. First. That Luna show was great; Really tight; Veteran rockers; make it look easy, those guys; Sexy bassist; Sounded real good;
...All those things you find yourself saying about rock bands. And they were all true. But how often do you get to say "My friend, the knitting, photographing, rockingest-keyboardist-gal ever: She really brought it all together!" ? C'est Vrai, ...Lara mae!

The following is a list of the most recent wrong-number calls I've received on my home phone:
  1. This is a recording from the principal of your child's school. Your child was not in school today, and did not present a valid notice of ...

  2. Good evening, this is Joe from _______ (some law firm), calling on behalf of Con Edison about your tenant, who is 8-months past due paying his electric bills...

  3. This is Viktor Crescenzo calling from Investations, Inc. I'm calling because Mr. James George gave your name as his sister, regarding his witnessing of a crime involving Brenda Williams, file #P3152. Please call me, as I'd like to get the whereabouts of your brother, he will be needed to appear in a deposition soon, and he will be paid for the deposition....

  4. This is a recording from the principal of your child's school. Your child was not in school today, and did not present a valid notice of ...

  5. Hello Miss can you please come to your door?
    Me: Who's calling?
    He: Lincoln
    Me: Lincon who?
    He: Oh, wrong number.

Oh and yes, I started banjoy (« I'll just leave that typo) lessons today. Boil that cabbage down!

WEDNESDAY 12:21 PM / 92° JUNE 26, 2002
subinev's head: launch slide show

Last night I passed my camera around, and I took up arms with other people's cameras. Sorry about all those photos of my tongue, all you people. As I explained to eliot: I'm quite proud of my gold tooth (back molar, right side). redesigned.

Luna plays at Bowery Ballroom Friday June 28, and sat. June 29th, avec Lara Mae

MONDAY 8:50 AM / 80° JUNE 24, 2002
Things I've heard said during the past few days:
"I'm feeling really porny".

"He can't tie his shoelaces; a grown man."

"Yes, but there's a guy who looks even more like Tony Matelli than Tony Matelli does."

"The lies that we've lived are part of the truths of our lives."

"Why don't you wash your feet with some nice soaps."

"We won't talk about how he rates in the mussels and cockles conversation..."

" would be so cool, this brother would be like 9 feet tall and stuff, but it would really be john lennon, you'd have to look real close at him to realize it, but he'd just be kickin' mad ass..."

"Ok but you're going to have to ask, because I can't say that word, Ronkonkoma"

Things I've said during the past few days:
"Because of the monkeys?"

"This is not two breakfasts, it's one brunch."

"Stay away from the guy with the fly swatter."

"Everywhere you look, gorgeous dads."

"Excuse me; Where's Bubby's"

"Yes. I'm that paranoid."

"She get service down here?"

"I heard it was an injured passenger"

"Where are you going?... Yeah, sure, get in."

"Ha. I typed cabins instead of clients."

"God, you got to love a good drill."

"You met a leTigre girl and a Beasty boy?"

"So you can work from home then?"

CLEAN LAUNDRY; DIRTY FEET; 8:25 AM / 69° JUNE 21, 2002

Do you know me? If you are one of the privvy to my cellphone number, email me with that ph.# and I'll respond back with my new cell#, effective now [that link should work now].

fresh from the laundromat

Apparently, it's Scrape.

THIS ONE TIME, IN COSTA RICA... We were there, Kris and I, we were rooming at a lodge nuzzled in the side of a hill in a rainforest. It was rainy. We invited our entire hall of co-dormers to join us for dinner one evening, (except for the mom with the daughter who talked quite a bit — they seemed busy), and we went out to this place we'd been to before. It was located just a few trees away from the nightclub, LaCascade, which was also hidden amongst the trees, deep in the rainforest, where it was rainy. We walked down a long muddy road to get there.

During dinner, we were all getting to know one another. Brad is from, like, Montana or maybe one of the Dakotas or even Utah. Rudy lives right here in Queens. Shuguero's from Japan; Kris representing Madison, Wisconsin these days... and myself, a midwesterner living in Bklyn.

We chatted. Compared cameras. Ate guacamole and drank drinks. During dinner, it came up:

"Rudy, what does that tattoo on your inner arm mean?"
It was a Japanese character... Kanji? I forget what it's called. Kanji maybe. Rudy explains "I was told by the tattoo artist that it means PEACE, or UNITY, TRANQUILITY," ...generally nice things about the world and niceness.

"Ah, thats nice,"
"Yes. That is nice."

Let's ask Shuguero... He reads Kanji. "Shuguero, what's that symbol mean? That symbol Rudy has tattood on his inner-arm?"

Now Shuguero, sitting across the table from Rudy, leans forward. Rudy presents his forearm's inner; Shuguero looks, reads, pauses and then frowns pensively, thinking and readying to express...He looks patently Japanese in this moment.

And then he spoke, somewhat abrubtly:
"This means... Cheap"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

+ Bkid's got a funny rant about our 'hood and its homeys

And then...someone wrote this: "...Un petit mot pour vous dire que j'ai mis un lien vers votre site, avec un petit commentaire et une image" : and sent this link. Je suis un peu confusee, mais je pense que il ecrive que je suis 'fresh', alors, c'est d'accord avec moi. So there you go, or as they say en Paris, Wa La!

+ + +

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Subway man [enlarge]

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