saturday january 27 2007
this omnivore's dilemma

archa's foto, via The Daily F'Log

A few years ago I vowed to cease eating cephalopods: octopus, cuddlefish, squids... (despite delicousness of Galaxy' fried calamari). I broke the vow once or twice: a bite of calamari at Lazarra's pizza (skip the squid, they make the best pizza), and even octopus at our last meal at Oznots before they closed for underterminable amount of time.
+And another way to package octopii

I'm not targeting much consistency, pigs are cute and smart, too...

+ This Rolling Stone article on the pork industry comes damn close to ruining bacon for me. And yet, a pork taco is on the menu for dinner tonight.

+ Le Grand Content (charting a life course)
+ the diagram
both via Red

+ Print is Dead, Long Live the Printer (theregister.co.uk)

+ Brand Noise: Interview with Marc Gobé
In his latest book, Brandjam, due out this month, Gobé presents an inspired view of the intersection of design, experience and brand.