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If it weren't for my newspaper exchange with Khoi on Tuesday night, I wouldn't have had the hardcopy of the NYT in my bag to pull out and read during my Wednesday morning commute. Tuesday's Times includes the Science Times section, featuring a section-front story about my favorite... keep reading »
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Images of the campaign...
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What do cashmere sweaters, dancing Japanese girls, Justin Timberlake and my boyfriend have in common? They're all widgetized. Get ready to hit mute (twice) »»
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Bob Dylan
Plus, a must-see photo show in Chelsea...
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Ryan Adams can sound like Townes Van Zant. That in itself is some kind of thing. In his songs I also hear Roxy Music's Brian Ferry, Uncle Tupelo (Tweedy/Farrar each, no doubt) ... hell, even Al Jarreau is there in one of his songs on Heartbreaker or Gold, I forget which.

Even if it sounds like a backhanded compliment to say such things...continue »
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It's definitely time to go to the beach....

Yesterday we climbed Breakneck Ridge, Hudson River Valley
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...Almost Labor Day. Sometimes I'll write it like Labour. Occasionally sometimes I'll type utilise. That's what happens when you start receiving a lot of work emails penned by the Brits.
"Next week maybe we'll get back to gazing adoringly into each other's eyes, but right now you'll benefit from some tough love."Rob Brezny
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Slideshow: Come as You Are: A slideshow of real people seen at free music and art events around NYC this summer (NYT) 2 videos, et plus »

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photo of men and sunflowers
Not a documentary.
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A Bientot, Bklyn. Hello...»
waffles at Heyworth Diner
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Latest subway-riding, daydream-inducing, 2-song addiction from Of Montreal's record
Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?:
Gronlandic Edit
A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinge
For really ideal subway headphones accompaniment, these 2 should play first song right into the next song with no gap, like the do on the record. Get the record...
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picture of El May poster
Grizzlies, Hawks, Pandas, Dogs; Spandex, Banjo, El May and much more...
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An icer cup of coffee

8 easy steps to cold-brewing iced coffee in the comfort of your apartment.

ice coffee
Last night around 11pm you scooped 12 heaping tablespoons or so of coarsely ground good coffee into an urn, poured cold water over it, and stirred. Then you left this out on the counter, with a lid on it to keep the fruit flies out, overnight, all night. There it sat all night, brewing. Not hot. Cold. Cold brewed. Full instructions...
Cold as in room temperature.

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dawn on the beach at gilgo
carrie at sunken meadow
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titleless at matamoros.
Best-kept brunch secret in Greenpoint, Brooklyn: Lamb and Jaffy. Once you can get over the name, you'll ride your bike there Sunday morning for the pre-order free muffins with honey butter. Pot of coffee for the table. Big breakfast = eggs, bacon, potatoes and a pancake. Because you shouldn't have to choose between sweet and salty.
NY Mag Lamb and Jaffy review
NYTimes Lamb and Jaffy review
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july 4 fireworks from 2004
And this year 2007
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Peace Attack
Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse
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lightbulb, full moon
Lunar phases on Wikipedia
Video: Toxic Brooklyn: The Story of Williamsburg and Greenpoint (a 7-part series!) 7-parts sounds daunting, but they're short clips. The jist? How'd you like to pay $3 million for an apartment on top of the one of the biggest oil spills in world history (bigger than Exxon-Valdez), which began spewing in 1950 but wasn't discovered until 1979. So, over a span of 50 or 60 years, 17-30 million gallons of oil were spilled beneath what is now our beloved Williamsburg/Greenpoint. Scary number: 10% of New Town Creek is oil. But the video isn't just about WB/GP's oil spill toxicity. The plastic bag factories make a cameo, as does Radiac.
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The Apple iPhone hits NYC
picture of the telephone: an ingenious invention of sound
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a yellow house
a yellow house
Thanks for digging up the old blue house andrew
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Cookie from LauraTitian and Vimeo.
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The band Of Montreal can be good headphones-while-you-treadmill or -run or -whatever type of music. Like, upbeat. But now here see two songs from an extended LP Icons, Abstract Thee where they get real real slow pretty much.
song: Derailments In A Place Of Our Own
song: Miss Blonde Your Papa Is Falling
I hear hints of The Beatles plus Fruit Bats plus some XTC occasionally.
Don't get sad. They're really quite sweet these songs.
See Also: Free Sells
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All in a Tuesday.
long island, nyc
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I've got everything I want, praise the Lord and pass that pie.

There's some things I was born with
and there's some things that I've learned...
some things I was given, and some things that I've earned...
Happy Father's Day, Ken Holder.
dad and mom, ken and jan, at Fette Sau, williamsburg
mp3: Love and Fifty Dollars
mp3: Pinto Pony
mp3: Claro de Luna

Dad, it was hard to choose. So I narrowed it down to three.
Hope you don't mind my sharing your first solo recording from One Day in Amarillo.
With Jando on Mando.
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Blue Sky Diner, Queens
picture of a cat
song: Either Way from Wilco, Sky Blue Sky
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picture of a flowr
song: This is not a photograph Mission of Burma
This headline has it all: dog gives birth to kitten