thursday may 17 2007

free sells

By my calculations, my song sharing has led to sales of at least 3 Yo La Tengo albums, 5 Deerhoof concert tickets, a smattering of Deerfhoof itunes downloads, a few Wilco record purches, and who knows how many Sonic Youth T-shirts (Update: And a Wilco tote bag).

So, sparingly, here's 2 more more:
Walken mp3
Wilco, from the record Sky Blue Sky, their new record, out now!

Venus Stop The Train mp3
Wilco (from the record Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos?)

+ Sky Blue Sky on Amazon
+ Tote your stuff in a cute bird tote bag from Wilco's online store + Wilcoworld.net

meetup vs. google

My friend Scott Heiferman runs meetup.com and he just posted this really funny comparison chart of working at Google vs. working at Meetup.