new tools for navigating nyc
+ Kickmap.com: Redesigned NYC subway maps

It's finally turned 80º outside and hopefully you're cutting through Bryant Park on your way to and from the office in the morning and evening. And at lunchtime. Listening to your soundtrack of last summer, until you know what it will be for this Summer.

The Neutral mp3 Sonic Youth, Rather Ripped

Reena mp3 Sonic Youth, Rather Ripped

+ Stop what you're doing and buy Rather Ripped from the band now (in the words of Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, 'bum rush there'
+ live in my concert video
+ live in sonic youth's full length video
+ Sonic Youth. Whose new 'b-sides and rarities' cd artwork is a Jeff Wall photograph. One of my favorite ones.

photo by autovac
+ Squid Mating Diagram
+ The BBC has language lessons online