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When Raisenettes —which are really SunMaid® chocolate covered raisins— spill out of their jumbo box and settle into the bottom of her bag, should one feel ashamed about picking them out among the stray coins and crumbs, blowing off the beach sand she brought home from Mexico last month, and popping them into her mouth?

Hey, that's hot; thanks to gawker [Thu 27].

From News:
A few Fotolog milestones:
·We passed 1,000,000 photos viewed today
·California (184) passed NY (178) as state with most Fotologs

DawD Treader postscript:
In an email, my mom responds:
"Hi little Dawn Treader,
No, you were not to wear that t-shirt until I ironed it, and cured the colors, so they will not wash out!! I know, it doesn't make sense. Do you have many more memories like these? Wow!! Please don't write about the time I freaked out when you and Jenni were trying to find something in the refrigerator, and you took items out and put them on the floor while looking...
Oh me..."

OK, Mom. Confession.: I remember, as you 'picked your bone' with me for wearing my hand drawn t-shirt when you asked me not to, oh, I clearly recall, you explaining to me that it was because the crayons needed to be cured into the fabric, sealed, so as to ensure the longevity of the artwork. (Um, I remember you explaining it to me after I wore it). Well I still have this t-shirt today, design cured, so, I guess we were both right.

It might be that you decide things are very not right in your life when you find yourself in a phone conversation with your sister at 11:11 pm saying:

"Well, this root canal tomorrow will be a nice reprieve from my work schedule lately."
dr. Etre
And you know, It was.

I went to NYU post-doc dental facility where young doctors practice before they open up their own... practice.
My post-doc endodontist-in-training was Dr.Etre (Doctor "To Be" literally, en Français). He was professional and as kind as he could have been as he gave me 6 novocaine shots, while I held my mouth open for 3 hours, to the frequent gentle reminders to "open wide" —how many times will Dr.Etre say that in his career?— So I opened wide as he then drilled through my tooth to remove the nerves from the root shafts (oh, right, canals) which involved sticking various colored pushpin things in there, one that smelled distinctly of bleach, one was inserted by a gun which was hot and produced a smell like warm eggs, followed by the procedure that smoked, as if he were cauterizing his initials into my gums to mark work well-done (a good sign I think). He sweated throughout, making me pleased to believe that he was working very hard and was maybe even a little nervous which is better than a dentist who is a cool-cat and is maybe too comfortable and might forget to remove one of the pushpins before he closes the thing off with the final filling.

hey mom, remember when I was in first grade at the New School on Mulberry St., and we were doing a project at school where we drew with fabric crayons a picture which we ironed permamently onto our t-shirts? Our tiny t-shirts? And I made a drawing of the Dawn Treader, the ship from the Chronicles of Narnia. And you told me beforehand to Not Wear my t-shirt at school after it was ironed, but to bring it home first, before I ever wore it. You had a reason. But I didn't Not Wear my t-shirt. I wore my Dawn Treader t-shirt the rest of the school day, except that I overdrew the lower case n in Dawn, with a little too much curve, and it looked like DawD Treader. So maybe I took it off before you came to pick me up, or maybe I didn't. But you somehow knew I had worn it. So you said "I have a bone to pick with you," and I was confused about your tone, but looking for the turkey wishbone that I thought you wanted to pull apart with me, as on Thanksgiving. But there was no wishbone, you were using a phrase I had never heard before: You were upset with me, because you clearly told me to Not Wear my t-shirt before I got home, and I just plain did.

Why was I not supposed to wear my T-shirt?

I GOT NOTHIN, 3:26 PM / FEB 5, 2003

Jakob Nielsen speaks on splash pages and we do othewise...

WEDNESDAY, 5:56 PM / JAN 30, 2003
haven't left apartment in 3 days but to buy coffee.

there are people out there, loved ones in fact, who contest the rumors that the movie Frida 'sucked'. "It did not suck", they say. after 12 days in mexico, i, too, want to see it for myself, and want it to be good.
Oü, the T, and I are addicted to the soundtrack; eso es verdad.

I haven't really written all my holiday thank you notes as i alleged earlier. I have one day left in January yet in which to finish these, which seems like it ought to be the deadline.

I'm reading Volume 1 of this: Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan. Memoirs by this New York Lawyer who in 1839 was sent by the US president to explore central america and would-be Mexico (still under spanish rule), and who was, while on this journey, among the first of his time to discover and make record of the previously uncovered ruins of the civilized Mayan people. Muy interesting.

ok bye. mexico photos to follow in the days to come.

SATURDAY, 1:58 PM / JAN 11, 2003
This world needs more Mop. All Mop, All the time. I like Mop, and i Vote. Print out photos of mop and paste them around your house. Put them up in your stairwell to make your neighbors happy.

Music: The Frida Movie soundtrack. Greatness. Thanks to Priest for insight. We skipped the film because frankly we heard it sucked. But the music is excitedly bright and (insert spanish adjective for great here).

The Talk To Her Movie Soundtrack. Soothing and sultry, and its really more of a score, with some songs.

The Morvern Callar Sountrack: We hope it exists. We are happy to just now realize it will soon exist. We want it. We cannot pay $18.99 for it. Or $16.48 for it. I see. Music is getting more and more expensive. Enough to make one want to go out there and get it in ways which are free.

And the movie: Morvern Callar. We saw it last night. Loving it still...Samantha Morton is now even more our favoritist she-actor. By our I mean my, maybe yours too. "Coolest movie of the year" says Sight and Sound magazine. Yes, sometimes I read Sxx's Sight and Sound magazine. This movie looks so good. This movie sounds so good. This movie contains our (ie:my) favorite Lee Hazlewood song Some Velvet Morning and also nice scenes with insects.

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